2020 Halloween product opportunity: what to sell for Halloween

2020 Halloween product opportunity: what to sell for Halloween

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What to sell for 2020 Halloween

2020 Halloween is around the corner and millions of people all over the world are preparing to celebrate and have fun that day! As we all know, the sales on Amazon will reach a peak on Halloween.

Statistics show that people spent over $5.8 billion for the 2009 Halloween celebration in the USA alone. And according to Highstreet’s prediction: Halloween in 2020 will be the biggest ever.

Halloween provides huge profit opportunities for sellers, so never miss it! Let’s check the product opportunity for 2020 Halloween.

What to sell for 2020 Halloween?

Once we mention Halloween products, you must not do without pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, witches, bats, black cats, owls, elves, zombies, skeletons, and demons.

Halloween cosplay costume props, masks, and related decorations have always been popular products purchased by consumers.

1. Halloween cosplay costumes 

Halloween costumes are one of the best selling items during the season.

Many consumers tend to choose Halloween cosplay costumes with cartoon characters, many sellers think it is a good product. However, many cartoon characters are copyrighted, you’d better pay more attention to choose the product to sell.

2. Halloween masks

In addition to clothes, Halloween face masks are also potential products.

The hot sales in previous years are usually Halloween masks, pumpkin masks, etc. This year, affected by the epidemic, the top sales are Halloween masks. So we can see, the epidemic-related products are also popular.

3. Halloween decorations

Just like Christmas, Halloween is the top decorating holiday. Those who love decoration will deck their homes with various Halloween decorations. 

We can see from the data, the monthly sales of bat-related decorations, Halloween LED lights and other products have also risen rapidly, hence the product sales potential is huge.

4. Pet products

Don’t be surprised! There are a lot of people who have the habit of keeping pets, and a lot of people love their favorite pet enough to buy a Halloween costume for it.

In this way,  we can not underestimate the sales of Halloween pet products If there are sellers selling pet supplies, you’d better pay more attention to the products of the Halloween-themed element.

What to pay attention to in your Halloween business?

Prepare your inventory reasonably

Unlike Halloween in previous years, the epidemic situation is severe this year. Although the overall Halloween heat is rising, Halloween gatherings may be less than in previous years. There are obvious timelines for the festival products, so be careful when stocking., so be careful when stocking.

Choose products carefully 

There are many sellers who have encountered infringement problems with Halloween products every year, just like the LED horror mask last year. Therefore, you should be cautious about infringement issues when selecting products to sell.


Halloween is one good opportunity for you to increase your sale. Hope you have gotten the idea of what to see. Of course, you can find more product opportunities with Captain BI!

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