2020 Q4 Find product opportunity from the top amazon search trend

2020 Q4 Find product opportunity from the top amazon search trend

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In 2019, 66% of consumers said they look for new products from Amazon, and this year the trends are stronger because of the COVID-19. More and more consumers are beginning to rely on Amazon’s brands and products. Hence there will grow by about 112%-125% in the Q4 for the Amazon market.

In this way, How can sellers take advantage of this growth trend to increase sales? Of course, it is the first step for sellers to be aware of what products are popular. How about today let’s check the search trend 2020? Maybe it can bring you some great ideas.

Health and Household

There is no doubt that the rapid spread of the pandemic has changed consumers’ search behavior on Amazon. Among these changes, the most obvious categories are health and household products. In terms of search, it has risen from 2% in the Q4 of 2019 to 31% in the Q1 of 2020. Specifically, the search volume rose sharply in March. 54% of the most frequent searches on Amazon are related to health and household products.

Face masks, including some related keywords, are among the top five search terms in Amazon’s first to second quarters. We look forward to more searches around these keywords in the fourth quarter.


As in previous years, electronic products such as earphones and iPhone cases are still more popular.

In the Q4 of 2019, the search volume of electronic products was very high, and the search volume accounted for about 46%, which may also be related to the holiday shopping season. However, in Q1 and Q2 of 2020, the proportion of searches has dropped to 30% and 20%, because consumers are more in need of health and household products, such as facial masks, disinfection wipes, and wet wipes.

However, in the first half of 2020, electronic searches are still relatively high. And it grows to start from Q3, it is likely to be related to students returning to school and long-term remote work. It may also be that Apple usually releases new products in September.

Judging from these growths, with the frequency of search terms for Apple Watch and AirPods, especially the sales volume that this discount stimulus on holidays will bring, it is expected that the search volume of electronic products in Q4 will increase to about 42%.

Office Products

Office supplies seem to have been traditionally not dominant. The search volume on Amazon was only 2% in Q4 of 2019, but now, this category is gradually increasing. It reached a peak of 10% in August this year, and 100 searches on Amazon were related to office supplies.

It is expected that office supplies will maintain a 7% search advantage in Q4.

Home and Kitchen

Household and kitchen products are a category with a relatively large search volume. In Q4 2019, Amazon’s search volume accounted for 20%, but in 2020, this number has dropped sharply.

Followed by LED lights, mini-refrigerators, air fryer, these can prove that consumers pay more attention to practicality and how to create a more comfortable home space during the isolation period.

We look forward to Q4, such as Christmas trees, Christmas decor, air fryer, etc. that can maintain the previous search frequency.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

The entire search frequency dropped sharply in 2020 and hit a low of 3% in April. But this category usually sees an increase in search volume in Q4, especially the upcoming Halloween and Christmas, especially women will look for some costumes.

The overall search volume of this category in Q4 2019 accounted for about 10%, and it is expected that Q4 this year may be about 5%.


Maybe it can help you find product opportunity by referring to the above-mentioned search keywords and the analysis, however, you’d better know more details according to the specific product and specific analysis.

As far as the final product display is concerned, Amazon may collect a variety of data, including keywords, titles, descriptions, and other unified indexing. However, when using long-tail keywords, you must pay attention to combining product reviews and product descriptions of competitors. In this way, you can find the popular keywords that consumers are more accustomed to using. And it is necessary to optimize the listings and keywords continuously.

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