25 Great Amazon Seller Blogs

25 Great Amazon Seller Blogs

Amazon New Sellers

When you sell on Amazon, you don’t want to be alone. No matter if you are new to Amazon FBA or you are an experienced and skilled seller, I believe you should always keep learning. Only by continuous learning can we achieve long-term development and go further. To be a learner for life. So we research and selected the 25 great Amazon seller forums and blogs with great tips and strategies. These forums and blogs will benefit you a lot, you can get a lot of new ideas about how to level up your business. So let’s check the list of Amazon seller blogs.

Table of Contents

1. Side Hustle Nation

Website: Side Hustle Nation

Amazon Seller Blog-Side Hustle Nation

Monthly Visits:509.20K

Created By: Nick Loper

Best for: Side hustle entrepreneurs

About the blog

Nick Loper has been involved in a variety of projects, of course, not all businesses got success. So on the site, he shares with us hundreds of side hustle ideas. And he shares the actionable lessons from hundreds of fellow side hustle entrepreneurs and himself.

In his blog, you can find a lot of ideas about making money. If you just want to check the content about Amazon, you can click the” Ecommerce- Amazon FBA” in the menu. Here he introduced a lot of cases about running the business on Amazon FBA.

What does the website cover?


As I have said above, their blog posts cover hundreds of making money ideas. You can only find the topics about running an Amazon business, you can get a lot of ideas about how to start your side hustle.


By podcast, Nick extracts and shares the actionable tips and business strategies from successful entrepreneurs. From his podcast, you can get new business ideas, side hustle opportunities, and high-value content to help you make extra money and make the most of your time.

2. eCommerce Bytes

Website: eCommerce Bytes

Amazon seller blog-eCommerce Bytes

Monthly Visits:272.90K

Created By: David and Ina Steiner

Running from: 1999

Best for: E-commerce sellers and followers of online auctions and collectibles

About the blog

Because eCommerce Bytes started to run in 1999, it is really one of the oldest online eCommerce blogs. Maybe you will find there are a lot of topics about eBay once you enter the website, Yes, it is right. However, you can still find a lot of impressive content about Amazon. After all, time can make things more fulfilling, and now the website covers the e-commerce world

What does the website cover?


There are two blogs- EcommerceBytes Blog and AuctionBytes Blog. The blog is provided by Ina Steiner who covers eCommerce news and trends. At the same time,  Julia Wilkinson provides the content about online auctions and collectibles and marketplace selling on AuctionBytes Blog. In addition, there is a The Letters to the Editor blog, where you can find the feedback and questions from readers.

Email newsletter

Daily email newsletter and twice-monthly email newsletter cover the website reviews, techniques on buying and selling online, online-auction news, and industry announcements.


On the website, there is a forum for readers. They can network, share information and openly discuss industry issues.


There are a lot of events for EcommerceBytes, including the Internet Retailer Conference (IRCE), Search Engine Strategies, Shop.org, Etail East, Shop Smart Conference, Monsoon conference, various developers conferences, and more.

In addition to the ones I listed above, there are a lot of other services EcommerceBytes provided, for instance, online merchants directory, global systems announcement board, and classified section where sellers can promote auctions, Web sites or individual items for sale.

3. Web Retailer 

Website: Web Retailer

Amazon seller blog-Web Retailer

Monthly Visits: 259.10K

Created By: Andy Geldman

Running from: 2003

Best for: Online sellers who need the unique leading in-depth strategies

About the blog

In the beginning, Andy Geldman has achieved a certain degree of success by selling on eBay. However, things not going easy. As a  developer, he started to create a software tool to make the selling process as efficient as possible. When he researched the market, he found there were several companies already producing software for eBay sellers. So he started to list them and write reviews for them. So you can find there is a vendor zone on their website, it allows software provider to list their software. In addition, now they have worked with over one hundred authors from all parts of the e-commerce world.

As the leading resource for online business sellers, they provide a trusted resource for thousands of businesses. And they provide in-depth, practical information that helps them improve and grow.

What does the website cover?


They have worked with a lot of authors, so you can find everything you need to know about selling through online marketplaces. According to my personal experience, posts on its website can always bring me something new.

Software review

It gives access for the software provider to list their software on the website to get users’ feedback. For sellers, when you have not used a certain software and want to know the user’s comments on the software, you can check the user’s comments on the software on the website.

Prosper Show

As the annual conference, it shares best practice education and providing networking opportunities for established Amazon sellers. 

Seller Sessions Live

It is a fun and interactive learning experience in London, providing effective marketing strategies for selling both on and off Amazon.

European Seller Conference

The European Seller Conference takes place annually in Prague and covers SEO, social media, Amazon FBA compliance, emerging markets, PPC campaigns, and more.

4. Tamebay

Website: Tamebay

Amazon seller blog-Tamebay

Monthly Visits: 225.20K

Created By: Sue Bailey and Chris Dawson,

Running from: 2006

Best for: Online sellers who are seeking the latest industry news

About the blog

In the beginning, Tamebay was set up to provide eBay users with the tools. Then they expanded to all main marketplaces including Amazon marketplace and other marketplaces.

Tamebay provides leading news for all business people, to help them grow their business and find the latest strategies and trends about running a business.

What does the website cover?


They provide all guides for business people. That is to say, you can find the guide for suppliers, merchants, brands, and others. Also, they provide an E-book library, which provides insight into any and all of the problems you’ll face as an online marketplace seller.

Latest news

Once you enter the website, you will find the latest news for various business people. It is a great place for business people to know the latest important things are related to the.


You can choose the event you want to tend to by filtering the attend the time, attend place, and type of event. Type of Event includes Podcast, Webinar, Seminar, Conference, Trade Show, Workshop, and featured.

5. My Wife Quit Her Job

Website: My Wife Quit Her Job

Amazon seller blog-My Wife Quit Her Job

Monthly Visits: 220.40K

Created By: Steve and Jennifer Chou

Best for: Entrepreneur

About the blog

In 2017, Steve and Jennifer give up their high-paying corporate but unhappy jobs, then started their own online store. Luckily, they generated over $100K in profit in our first year of business, which is over their goal. Because they experience it, they created this website to help sellers start their own shops.

On the website, there is a lot of information and tips on how to start an online store and how to sell on Amazon. And all the blog posts are informational and in detail.

What does the website cover?


Their blog shares a collection of in-depth tutorials and guides on how to start an online store. In the blog posts, Steve shares the exact strategies that he uses to run his 7 figure eCommerce business. These will never let you down.


They provide 4 mini-courses, including How To Get Started In Ecommerce,  Scaling To 7 Figures,

How To Sell On Amazon FBA and How To Create A Profitable Blog. In addition, they also offer Full Courses, there are Create A Profitable Online Store Course and Create A Profitable Audience Course.


Steve is known for digging deep and extracting out every last detail. So in his podcast, you can always gain deep and useful information. Yes, in my opinion, it is really interesting to listen to his podcast.

6. Startup Bros

Website: Startup Bros

Amazon seller blog-Startup Bros

Monthly Visits: 179.00K

Created By: Will Mitchell

Best for: New sellers

About the blog

Will Mitchell is a high school dropout who has never had a job. When he was 12, he decided to leave school. After that, he started to do kinds of business models. And when he was 18, he had made several hundreds of thousands of dollars selling products online.

And now their team is made up of real entrepreneurs who have already built multi-million dollar businesses. On this website, they share what they’ve already had proven success with.

What does the website cover?

Blog and resources

In their blog posts, they share their real experience and teach you the proven strategies for running your own business. And they provide step-by-step guides and tutorials to help you on your entrepreneur journey.

Besides, you can get a lot of free resources from their website from their free stuff zone. If you are not sure what business model should you start, they offer a 2-min quiz to help you find the way.

7. The Selling Family Blog

Website: The Selling Family Blog

Amazon seller blog-The Selling Family Blog

Monthly Visits: 124.50K

Created By: Jessica, Cliff & Aiden

Running from: 2011

Best for: Sellers who focus on Amazon FBA

About the blog

In 2011, Jessica’s amazon FBA business was booming, she got to succeed. So she started to share the experience and methods of how to sell on Amazon. It is clear for you to find this blog is specifically for Amazon FBA sellers.

Here you can find the step-by-step tutorials, explanations, tips & tricks on running an Amazon business, it helps you know the ins and outs of Amazon FBA.

What does the website cover?


Jessica’s blogs are more focused on professional topics, not big and broad content. You can learn a lot of specialized topics, for example, how to speed up inventory turnover.


They provide a wide range of training courses, from product lead to niche training For FBA Sellers, from starting a new business to affiliate courses. Here are all courses about Amazon FBA.

Daily newsletter

They offer a daily newsletter, that is to say, you can take 1-2 minute tips to learn something new in your Amazon business every day.

8. A Better Lemonade Stand

Website: A Better Lemonade Stand

Amazon seller blog-A Better Lemonade Stand

Monthly Visits: 122.40K

Created By: Richard Lazazzera

Running from: 2012

Best for: Entrepreneurs in the E-commerce business

About the blog

A Better Lemonade Stand is a blog that is geared towards entrepreneurs in the E-commerce business. They provide comprehensive and reliable advice, resources, and tools, along with a supportive community,  in this way, they can help entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their e-commerce business.

What does the website cover?


In their blog, you can learn more about building your eCommerce business, not only for amazon business. Once you enter the blog page, It is easy for you to find the topic you are interested in. They support filtering by phase, just like Build, launch, and grow.

Paid resource

On their website, there is a store page. Here are some resources you can get by paying, for example, if you pay $19, you can get the Clothing Manufacturer Directory. And their resources cover the full phase of your business, including getting started, product discovery, sourcing suppliers, store design, and traffic.

9. Bootstrapping eCommerce

Website: Bootstrapping eCommerce

Amazon seller blog-Bootstrapping eCommerce

Created By: Richard Lazazzera

Running from: 2017

Best for: Entrepreneurs in the E-commerce business

About the blog

Bootstrapping Ecommerce is a subsidiary of A Better Lemonade Stand. Richard Lazazzera created Bootstrapping eCommerce for these types of entrepreneurs who were just getting started in eCommerce and were looking for information tailored specifically to their circumstances.

What does the website cover?


Same as A Better Lemonade Stand, they provide content for all e-commerce industries, not just for Amazon business. What’s more, because they are focus on the top of the funnel,  all the guides they provided are really in-depth.  

What’s more, they accept contribute content, so their topics coverage is very wide. Just choose the right one you are interested in.

10. AMZ Advisers

Website: AMZ Advisers

Amazon seller blog-AMZ Advisers

Monthly Visits:103.00K

Created By: AMZ Advisers

Running from: 2014

Best for: Sellers seeking new ideas on the Amazon

About the blog

AMZ Advisers is a full-service eCommerce & digital marketing consultancy. Their consultants have experienced eCommerce professionals. In addition, each of our consultants has built their own eCommerce & digital marketing business and now leverage their knowledge to assist others. 

Thus from their blogs, you can get new ideas on the Amazon platform and know their results and best practices for getting the most out of your listings. 

What does the website cover?


Their blog posts are very data-driven and detailed, it is a great choice to learn methods that maximize your presence on Amazon and beyond. Sellers can find useful information on both Seller and Vendor Central to increase sales. 


In the podcast, eCommerce industry experts share the latest information for you. Their featured Podcasts include Build a 7 Figure Amazon Business, Tips for Improving Your Amazon FBA Business, and Amazon SEO & Optimization.

Consultant service 

As a marketing consultancy, AMZ Advisers provide multiple services, including Advertising Service, Content Services, Analysis & Reporting, Video Production, and more.

AMZ Courses 

Their courses are always up-to-date with the best Amazon practices, new features rolling out. And they are committed to sharing every new feature launched through Amazon to keep sellers ahead.

11. AdBadger

Website: AdBadger

Amazon seller blog-AdBadger

Monthly Visits: 92.60K

Created By: Michael

Running from: 2010

Best for: Learn the latest PPC marketing

About the blog

In Ad Badger, there are a group of people who learn as much as they can about Amazon PPC, share as much of it as they can, and try to build the very best campaigns. All content of their blog posts and podcasts is full of knowledge about Amazon PPC. Thus it is a great place for you to learn PPC tips from here.

What does the website cover?


In their blog posts, they cover Amazon PPC best practices, tips, updates, and optimization tutorials. All things and questions about Amazon PPC, you can find the solution from here. Also, they insert the video into the blog posts in order to make things clear.


Compared to blog posts, I think Ad Badger’s team spent more energy on podcasts. It is great if you prefer to learn from podcasts. And they give a detailed introduction to each issue of the podcast, so you can know in advance what is covered in each issue, so you can choose whether to continue listening


In addition to the resources about Amazon PPC, they provide the software for Amazon PPC. There are 5 tools for Amazon sellers to use on their ads, including bid optimizer tool, negative keyword automation, Negative keyword tool, and account navigator tool.

12. Full-Time FBA

Website: Full-Time FBA

Amazon seller blog-full-time fba

Monthly Visits: 70.80K

Created By: Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman 

Running from: 2013

Best for: People who want to turn Amazon FBA side-hustle into a full-time job.

About the blog

In 2011, Stephen was divorced and unemployed. In order to support his family, he started to sell items online via Amazon FBA. After much trial and error, he was finally able to make a full-time income. After that, He started the Full-Time FBA blog as a way to share his experiences and encourage others who are also pursuing an FBA business in 2013.

Full-Time FBA’s goal is to help you turn your Amazon FBA side-hustle into a full-time job.

What does the website cover?

Blog and Resources

From the posts and resources they provided, you will find that they provide methods and guidance on how to better run Amazon’s business. Specifically, Stephen sometimes embed

videos into his posts to make things more clear.

Thus whether you haven’t started yet, or you are not familiar with Amazon FBA, or you have been selling for a while, you can find complete guides and resources on how to improve, they cover:

  • Getting Started with FBA
  • How to grow your FBA Business into a full-time income generating machine
  • Product sourcing tactics and strategies
  • Tips for Amazon sellers who want to scale up
  • Pricing and repricing strategies
  • How to manage inventory


Besides the text blog, Stephen also hosts a podcast for Amazon FBA sellers. In the podcast, they usually share the strategies for growing amazon business, interview successful sellers, and give the audience some special free gifts and coupon code

Training course

Also, they also provide training courses for Amazon sellers. There are various training content on different topics. Amazon sellers with different needs at different stages can choose different content to participate in the training.

13. Online Selling Experiment

Website: Online Selling Experiment

Amazon seller blog-Online Selling Experiment

Monthly Visits: 39.10K

Created By: Ryan Grant

Running from: 2013

Best for: Complete guide for seller challenge

About the blog

10 years ago, Ryan started selling online. Before that, he is an accountant.  At that time, he had no money and a few old textbooks, It is obviously hard, however, he succeeds. Now he has a team of 8+ and has sold tens of millions of dollars worth of products online. In this way, he wants to share the strategies they have tested and know it works!

In addition, they have launch the  Challenge Series program. Once you sign up for the challenge and you will get the step-by-step challenge roadmap to learn. In this way, they break things down and make everything easier.

What does the website cover?


Once you enter the website, you will find there are several guide files you can get for free. Actually, You can benefit a lot just from these files. Besides, in the blog, you can find a lot of strategies and guide about online business. That is to say, you can find not only resources about running an Amazon business but also resources about eBay and Shopify.

Leads list

For retail and online arbitrage sellers, they provide a paid lead list. Once When you sign up, you’ll get access to a spreadsheet that contains all the information you need to find the product in question. 

Coaching programs

Their coaching program started at $499 a month. However, the program is not suitable for private label sellers. It is a good choice for flipping, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and wholesale sellers.

14. Money Nomad

Website: Money Nomad

Amazon seller blog-Money Nomad

Created By: Zach Zorn

Best for: Amazon seller tools reviews

About the blog

After graduating from college, Zach succeeded by selling things on Amazon. Then, he started to invest in websites, which has become a lucrative endeavor. In this blog, Zach shares with you the strategies in making on amazon and Website Investing. And the best part of his blog is the Amazon seller tools reviews 

What does the website cover?

Amazon sellers tool review

In the blog, you will find the most popular content is the amazon seller’s reviews. Zach shared review articles of various software, such as Helium10, Sellic, and Junglescout based on his own experience.

Make money selling on Amazon

By sharing the actual operation skills and strategies, the blog shares the various stories that making money on Amazon. From the story, you can get some new ideas about how to grow your business.

Invest in online opportunities

Zack is successful in investing in websites, thus there are a lot of useful resources on website investing. He shares his experience of success and failure and tells you the most practical strategies.

15. The Amazing Seller Podcast and Blog

Website: The Amazing Seller

Amazon seller blog-The Amazing Seller

Created By: Scott Voelker

Running from: 2014

Best for: Reviews on Amazon tools and facilities

About the blog

In 2014, Scott started the site as a podcast, yes, once you enter the website, you can see there are a lot of podcasts display on the homepage. Of course, you can also find their blog posts. The content on the website is focused on the facilities for sourcing, keyword tracking, listing optimization, and many more. 

What does the website cover?


The podcast does not only cover the amazon business, it also covers branding and others. Just find the content you are interested in.


There is not many blog post on their blog post, however, every post can benefit you a lot. And the content of blog posts does not only contain relevant knowledge about Amazon, you can also find posts about Content Creation and email marketing, and more.

Coffee talk

Morning coffee talks are a weekly motivation, inspiration, and insider tips talk. You can get connected and help from the talk on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 am.


Scott has created a new training series called Brand Building Training. It will outline the exact steps that have worked in the past and will continue to in the future. In the training, you can get the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your very own online business that is future-proof.

16. Amazon SEO Consultant

Website: Amazon SEO Consultant

Amazon seller blog-Amazon SEO Consultant

Created By: Tom Buckland

Best for: Sellers seeking for higher ranking

About the blog

Amazon SEO Consultant is a relatively new blog. They are dedicated to researching the Amazon A9 algorithm to help you improve your Amazon product ranking. And their blogs cover a variety of topics regarding listing optimization and rankings on Amazon.

What does the website cover?


Their blog shares information on how to get better visibility on Amazon and how to grow your Amazon FBA organically. Besides, they also provide general topics just like how to find an Amazon FBA niche and others.


Also, they provide an Amazon PPC Course. In the course, they provide an industry-leading step-by-step video guide. In which an in-depth understanding of PPC basics, as well as exclusive insider knowledge, are shown.


In addition, they also provide a service that helps sellers to rank their Amazon products higher. In the first stage, they do the following works, including Keyword Research, Competition Analysis & Listing Optimization. Then, they implement the most difficult part of Amazon’s ranking algorithm. They help to generate real sales-related back to your primary keywords.

17. Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Website: Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Created By: CJ Rosenbaum

Best for: Amazon sellers need legal services

About the blog

Amazon seller lawyer, they do legal services for Amazon sellers, especially regarding account suspension. They devote themselves to help suspended sellers get their accounts & listings back.

Unlike other blogs, their blog is very niche and concentrates on the legal side of selling on Amazon.

What does the website cover?


All their blogs are focus on the legal side of selling on Amazon, if you are looking for knowledge about the related legal, make sure to look at it.


They provide services for the following filed:

  • Amazon Account & Listing Suspensions
  • Arbitration Against Amazon
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Settling Cases & Representing Sellers in Litigation
  • Brand Protection
  • Business Law

18. BigCommerce Blog

Website: BigCommerce Blog

BigCommerce Blog

Monthly Visits:6.60M

Created By: BigCommerce

Best for: Entrepreneurs in the E-commerce business

About the blog

Bigcommerce is a leading open SaaS solution, they help merchants to build, innovate and grow their businesses online with the help of the e-commerce platform.

They share e-Commerce tips, Strategies, and news for the audience. You can find the content from product strategy to multi-channel selling, in short,  everything about e-commerce you can find tips and solutions from here.

What does the website cover?


There are 2 blogs that are provided. One is BigCommerce Blog, where they provide actionable insights to help sellers grow business. Another is the Bigcommerce developer blog, where they share updates about their technology. In addition, you can find there is the articles zone,  here is their collection of resource articles in everything eCommerce aspect.

Ebooks and Guides

They offer free Ebooks and guides to help sellers to find helpful how-to’s, industry trends, best practices, and more to help grow their eCommerce business.


They provide on-demand webinars. In the webinar, they share everything from e-commerce industry trends and recommendations to how to best use the BigCommerce platform.


Also, they provide events. You can check the Upcoming Events to decide whether to join. Generally speaking, their event mainly revolves around how to better run e-commerce. For example, the event Ecommerce Masterclass Online Series: B2B Sales.

19. Foundr

Website: Foundr

Foundr articles

Monthly Visits:895.60K

Running from: 2013

Best for: Entrepreneurs in the E-commerce business

About the blog

Foundr is an independently published global media and education company. They work with the greatest founders, and then they share with us founders’ lessons through magazines, blogs, podcasts, books, and courses.

There are a lot of topics here, Whether you are an entrepreneur or an online store owner, you can find some useful things here. And all of the eCommerce- and Amazon-related content is created only by people who have physical product-based businesses themselves.

What does the website cover?


They publish a lot of articles and cover a wide range of topics, you can find there are articles about Instagram, Online courses, and the comparison about BigCommerce and Shopify. Search the keyword to find the content you are seeking for.


Their magazine shares with us a way to know and learn from the tales of amazing businessmen and businesswomen.


“Stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from the greatest minds in business today. “ They state it on their podcast page. Yes, just like the state, they interview hard-to-reach entrepreneurs and share with us.


There are free training and paid courses for you to choose from. I have to say that their free course coverage is still very wide and rich in content.

20. Amazon Advertising Blog

Website: Amazon Advertising Blog

amazon advertising blog

Monthly Visits:2.70B

Created By: Amazon Advertising

Best for: Sellers seeking Amazon advertising knowledge.

About the blog

If you are running on Amazon, there is no reason for you to miss the Amazon Advertising Blog. They are made by the Amazon advertising team, and they provide essential tips and tricks that will help you understand the process and get ahead of your competition.

What does the website cover?


In the blog, they share the audience with the advertising insights, industry trends, and analysis from marketing leaders. You can filter to find articles about various advertising types, Content types, and the marketplace.

Amazon Advertising Certifications

Amazon Advertising learning console is a place for you to learn Amazon advertising knowledge. Here you can choose a certification by topic and level depending on your business and professional goals. 

Amazon Advertising library

In the Amazon Advertising library, there are a collection of educational resources. They share the audience with insights, tips, guided learning, and advertiser success stories. In this way, sellers can better understand Amazon’s advertising solutions and know-how to use them to grow their business.

In addition to the above, next, I will introduce a few blogs supported by software companies. They are trustworthy software companies and serve many sellers, and their team is made up of professional experts in the E-commerce and Amazon industry. So their blog is also a great place for Amazon sellers to gain the latest strategies.

21. Helium 10 Blog

Website: Helium 10 Blog

Helium 10 blog

Monthly Visits:3.30M

Created By: Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol

Running from: 2015

Best for: All-around guide to Amazon FBA

About the blog

Helium 10 provide a wide variety of tools for Amazon seller, also their blog covers a broad range of topics. From keyword research to Amazon marketing, from listing creation to ongoing maintenance, all information you can find here.

What does the website cover?


It is necessary and the basis of running the blog for the software company. In the blog, they can share their latest opinions and their research results. Because they run the software, they can hear a lot from Amazon sellers, know the things sellers are puzzled about. In this way, they can share the content that can really help sellers.


Helium 10 provides tools for every step of your seller journey. Don’t know what to sell, how about trying their product research tool to find some new idea? Want to know the profit? Try the financial analytic tool.


Helium podcast lets you know the latest information and knowledge easier by conversational sharing. Their podcast is named AM/PM Podcast.


Helium 10 Webinar provides a series of free training sessions to help Amazon sellers with their Amazon seller journey.


Their training is called Freedom Ticket, but it is only for Helium 10 Platinum, Diamond, or Elite member. They are frank and straightforward about operating the Amazon FBA business, and the course now includes the most up-to-date information and best practices available today.

Case study

Project X is a down-to-earth case study of what it is like to sell on Amazon from start to sale. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced seller, this case study provides a wide range of methods that can guide you to success within a limited reasonable budget.

22. Jungle Scout blog

Website: Jungle Scout blog

jungle scout blog

Monthly Visits: 1.70M

Created By: Greg Mercer

Running from: 2015

Best for:  All-around guide to Amazon FBA

About the blog

Greg Mercer was an Amazon Seller before starting Jungle Scout. To better serve Amazon sellers, he started the Jungle scout. This tool is really good for product research. And now you can not benefit from their tool, but also get more information and strategies. They have a wide array of resources – Amazon FBA from blogs and e-books to podcasts and webinars.  

What does the website cover?


I’d love to read their blog. They update their blog posts very frequently and cover a comprehensive range of topics. You can find all the content about Amazon in it. The content of each topic is very detailed and easy to understand.

Million Dollar Case Study

This year’s Million Dollar Case Study is already the fifth season. In the case study, their expert demonstrates how to sell on Amazon — by going through the entire process themselves. You can know all steps on the business journey, including product research, source and work with a supplier, Brand promotion, and launch products.


Jungle scout is all-in-one software, there are a lot of tools you can use in your business. Among them, the most famous tool is the product research tool. Maybe you don’t want to miss it.


Their webinars always give you the step by step guide on how to improve your Amazon business.

23. Sellics Blog

Website: Sellics Blog

Sellics blog

Monthly Visits: 552.70K

Created By: Sellics

Best for: Sellers focus on ranking

About the blog

Sellics is also a software for Amazon sellers, and I have to say, their blog is worth reading for Amazon sellers. They focus on the Amazon business, you can learn how to get better organic visibility for your products, also you can find ideas about what to sell on Amazon.

What does the website cover?


In the blog, Sellics shares effective strategies & insights for sellers to bring their Amazon sales to the next level. Their content is easy to understand and easy to follow.


They are a software company. And they provide 6 solutions for Amazon sellers to better run Amazon business.

  • Advertising tool: a great tool to help your advertising on Amazon.
  • AI optimization tool: a tool for Advertising Automation.
  • Profit dashboard: Check Amazon sales and profit.
  • Mobile app: Easy to check amazon sales and profit on the phone.
  • SEO: Tool help to optimize the product and grow organic sales.

Sellics Academy

It is a free online learning course for Amazon Sellers and Vendors. Here you can learn the  Amazon SEO, Amazon Advertising tips, and get valuable insights and proven best practices.


In their webinar, you can find tips and strategies about how to better run Amazon business, also, you can see how to better use their tools to grow your sales.

24. eComEngine Blog

Website: eComEngine Blog

eComEngine Blog

Monthly Visits: 199.60K

Created By: Jay Lagarde

Running from: 2007

Best for: New sellers

About the blog

eComEngine Blog is a software company. Of course, their blog is a way for Amazon sellers to know the new tips and advice. Besides, they also have longer-form ebooks that cover more complex subjects. All these you can get for free.

What does the website cover?

Blog and ebook

Their blog posts are not long but very informative, they always explain things clearly and in detail. Also, you can get the latest industry news from here. In addition, if you want to dig deeper into a topic, you can get the ebook for free.


They provide 3 software for Amazon sellers.

First, we have to talk about the FeedbackFive tool, it is a tool that helps you get more Amazon reviews and feedback.

Second, the tool is Marketscout. It can provide competitive intelligence about Amazon products. With the help of Marketscout, sellers can quickly and affordably gain data-driven insights for the items that they are considering stocking. 

Lastly, the tool is Amazon Restock Tool. This tool makes it clear for sellers to know exactly what to restock and when.


They also provide free webinars, Each presentation features one or more industry experts who can help you take your business to the next level.

25. Captain BI Blog

Website: Captain BI Blog

Monthly Visits:152.70K

Created By: Captain BI

Running from: 2006

Best for: Sellers seeking new strategies

About the blog

Captain BI blog is hosted by the Captain BI team. Captain BI is a software company, we focus on provide sellers the most powerful financial profit tool. With Captain BI, you can always know your profits clearly at any time. There is no need to wait for the accountant to calculate your profit every month. On the contrary, with the help of the profit report tool, the accountant can do their work easier and better.

And in the blog, we cover all knowledge about running an Amazon business, and we share the latest strategies and tips on growing sales. Besides, because we have offices in China, we often share the latest strategies and news from Chinese Amazon sellers.

What does the website cover?


Captain BI blog share all knowledge about running an Amazon business with sellers. Not only can you discover what to sell on Amazon, but you can also discover how to optimize your ads to increase sales. In addition, we always share informative strategies from the successful sellers who worked with us. We believe there is an SOP to grow the business from them, so we refine these and share the proven skills with you.


Captain BI software mainly provides the following tools:

  • Sales Analytics: Sales Analytics tools will help you to finely operate your Amazon business, we provide full data of sales, you can view this data by single or multiple seller accounts, operation shows the summary of sales, where you can find the data of orders, revenue, profit, cost and more. 
  • Profit report: Report: All connected amazon accounts’ data is visible, and the tool gathers the data by default currency. No matter which amazon marketplace account you want to check, achieve it easily.
  • FBA Inventory: Better manage FBA inventory by knowing well the data of inventory cost, replenishment, redundancy, LTSF. And simplify your claims process and get the amazon reimbursements quickly.
  • Seller Tools: Seller tools help you to do market research and analyze competitors, easily find profitable products.


Just remember, nothing makes sense if you don’t practice.

Although there are many blogs that teach you how to do it, the most important thing is that you need to do it, summarize, reflect, and repeat. Of course, if you find other good blog sites, please don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section.

Hope the above content is helpful to you!

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