6 Things You Must Know Before Starting Amazon Ads

6 Things You Must Know Before Starting Amazon Ads

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Amazon advertising has become increasingly important over the last few years. It helps you to show your products to shoppers at the right time, you can win clicks and sales from competitors. However, not all products are suitable for ads. In order to make sure that your ads work well and meet your expectations, there are things you must know before starting Amazon ads.

1. Determine whether your product is suitable for Amazon ads

It is the first thing you must know before you start Amazon ads. Some sellers have made this mistake. They just think ads are necessary for them to increase exposure and order volume. However, not all products are suitable for Amazon ads.

If a product sells $5, as we all know, the product profit is actually low. In this way, the product is not suitable to start Amazon ads. Because you can not get profits from the products. And you have to invest a lot of money in the ads.

2. Get more product reviews

Would you buy a product without reviews?

Product reviewS are really important for the product, which show up the product’s reputation. The product without a review can not make consumers convince, they will worry about the product quality and other problems. In this way, if you set a campaign up for the product, you will find that the conversion rate of the campaign is low.

Therefore, we recommend that sellers find ways to get more product reviews before starting ads.

optimize amazon ads-Get more product reviews

3. Optimize product listing

Checking product title, product images, keywords, bullet points, product price. And customizing your product description to make it attractive.

Your product title must be perfect and contain the most relevant expressions for your product and not just an integrated collection of words that have no actual meaning.

Product images are the showcase of your product. Please make sure they are high quality, interesting, and contain information that the customer is looking for. Research shows that customers focus primarily on images and less on the text. Images are your best salesman!

Make sure to price your product at a competitive price, suitable and relevant to its life span. If you overprice your product in relation to its competitors or in relation to its stage, it’ll simply not sell or it will sell in significantly lesser quantities than its potential for this stage.

Pay attention to the consumer’s reading experience and try to figure out their minds from the consumer’s point of view to write good detailed descriptions.

Go to check more proven methods on optimizing Amazon listing.

4. Win the buybox

Only when you win the Amazon Buy Box, your advertising campaign can be better delivered. If you do not win the Buy Box, at least for a period of time, your advertising campaign will not be displayed.

Choosing to use Amazon FBA can help this, and product pricing and seller performance indicators will also affect your chances of getting BuyBox.

5. Build your keyword strategy

It is the work that must be done throughout the entire Amazon operation. Whether you are choosing what to sell, analyzing the competing products, launching new listings, and implementing ads.

We need to know which are the main keywords and which are the long-tail keywords. Generally speaking, the traffic of the main keyword is huge, but it is also accompanied by fierce competition. The long-tail words will be more accurate for our products, and the conversion rate will be higher.

When we advertising new products, it is not recommended to add main keywords and hot words to the advertisement. Although the ranking of these keywords is very high, it is very unfavorable for new products. Because in the beginning, our product star ratings and reviews are not enough, and the listing is not perfect. In this case, if we join these keywords to the ads, it just burns your money.

In the beginning, in order to make new product advertisements have a better promotion effect, we must first choose keywords from the long-tail keywords. This is the most sensible way. Because the competition for these long-tail words is relatively small, we are still confident that we want to occupy the share of these words.

And when our ads or the long-tail words of natural rankings bring us benefits, and the ranking is stable, we will slowly increase the main keywords with more competition steadily and steadily, and continue to occupy the position of effective traffic entrance.

6. Check the display on the mobile phone

According to statistics, currently in the US market, 75% of customers tend to use their mobile phones to browse Amazon Mall. And because we usually use computers to operate when we set our campaigns, the optimization items on many computer pages do not match the usage habits of mobile phone customers.

And because of the different displays on the computer and mobile terminals, the advertising positions and rankings will also be different, so we have to get used to checking the display on the mobile terminal so that we can get the most realistic data.


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