7 Things Amazon Sellers Should Do to Increase Sales 2021

7 Things Amazon Sellers Should Do to Increase Sales 2021

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7 Things Amazon Sellers Should Do to Increase Sales 2021

Thousands of new sellers come to Amazon every year, however, only 8% of sellers can achieve sales of $100,000. And it is easy for us to encounter the account suspension problem. Hence if we want to increase sales and grow bigger on Amazon, we have to learn more strategies and keep updated on Amazon policies. Today we will share the things that sellers should do in order to increase sales on Amazon.

Things Amazon Sellers Should Do

1. Price the product reasonably

Price is the key factor that determine if customer will buy it . Whether a customer buys your products or someone else’s products, it depends largely on the product price.

And data shows that most Amazon shoppers will not be loyal to a certain brand. 78% of Amazon shoppers search for products without a brand. And 65% of shoppers say they are satisfied with unknown brands on the platform.

In this way, you’d better not overpriced your products even if you are the brand sellers. Overpriced products can not keep your brand reputation, on the contrary, it will make you lose your potential customers. You’d better research competitors’ product price and know the product market. And then price your products within a reasonable range. It is best that the product price should not be higher than 20% of the product price on the first page of the search results page.

2. Optimize products

Optimize products is not a one-off thing. If you never optimize your listing after you launched it, you will not get a good ranking.

So we need to provide optimized content for our Amazon products. You need to focus on every point in the optimization process including product title, product images, product bullet points, product description, and product reviews. In addition, we recommend that brand sellers create A+ content for products. In this way, it can make product details pages more readable, reduce sellers’ bounce rate, gain brand awareness and increase sales.

Check more to know how to do Amazon Listing Optimization and How to Write High Conversion Rate Amazon Product Descriptions.

3. Keep updated with Amazon’s policy changes

Amazon’s policies change frequently. If sellers do not regularly monitor and adjust their business accordingly, it may cause huge losses.

Amazon will not give you privileges just because your past sales are good, all sellers must follow their policy. It is necessary for Amazon sellers not to miss any policy updates, in this way, you can quickly take strategies for new changes.

4. Avoid inventory overstocks

According to Retail Wire, overstocks cost average retailer, 3.2 percent in lost revenue. Overstocks may be costing retailers $123.4 billion every year.

Manage well inventory is a big challenge, especially on Amazon. Brand sellers tend to overestimate the demand for promotional activities such as Prime Day. New sellers sometimes stock up on products that they think will be sold soon, resulting in a backlog of inventory. Moreover, if the seller stores the products in the Amazon FBA warehouse, things are even more troublesome. If the product cannot be sold, the storage fee will increase too.

To better manage your inventory, firstly you have to set minimum and maximum inventory levels for your inventory. Besides, you can take a powerful FBA management tool to monitor your inventory and remind you about the overstocks and understocks.

5. Gain product reviews

Before you gain product reviews, you have to know the behaviors that Amazon has forbidden.

Amazon don’t allows you to:

  • Give rewards for reviews;
  • In the packaging bag, packaging box, or sending information to buyers to request reviews;
  • Post false reviews;
  • Bribery customers to delete negatives reviews.

Amazon allows you to:

  • Obtain reviews through the Early Reviewer Program or the “Request a Review” button.
  • Use comment tools to communicate with buyers.

The most important thing is to ensure that our listing, order fulfillment, and customer service are in good condition. After all, if the package is often delivered late, the listing is incomplete or inaccurate, and the product does not meet the description, definitely, the buyer will leave negative reviews.

6. Prevent listing hijacker

Once you products have being hijacked, you will no longer get any sales from your listing. What’s more, customers will leave negative reviews on your product listing because of their fake products.

So we recommend seller do the following things before the hijackers happen:

  • Register Your Brand;
  • Join Amazon Exclusives program and Amazon Project Zero project;
  • Save your listing page;
  • Show brand name in your listing;
  • Bundle your product;
  • Provide a unique packing.

And you can also prevent listing hijacker by buy box monitoring tool.

7. Focus on your profit

Many Amazon sellers fail because they are constantly pursuing sales rather than profit. They spend their money on new products, expensive consultants, and other glamorous data. Some brand sellers mistakenly believe that the highest-selling products are helping them make money, but in reality, the costs of production, warehousing, transportation, taxation, and marketing may outweigh the benefits.

Therefore, what the seller has to do is to think about ways to reduce costs, such as outsourcing warehousing logistics or reducing inventory to increase profits. You will benifit a lot from check your real profit regularly. Just like Capatin BI profit report tool, it access you a easy way to know your actual profit.


Amazon provides a great way for us to start business, and there are a lot of sellers have got great success on Amazon. Just keep learning and try more practices, so that you can get the right way to increase sales on Amazon and gain greater achievements.

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