9 Great tips to increase Amazon sales in 2021

9 Great tips to increase Amazon sales in 2021

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2021 has arrived and the holiday season has ended, how are your Amazon sales these days? Some sellers told us there is a big drop in their Amazon sales. Hence, it is time for us to summarize our experience and put it into our Amazon business to increase sales in 2021. Here Captain BI provides the 9 great tips to increase Amazon sales in 2021.

Tips to increase Amazon sales in 2021

1. Add the BNPL payment

As we all know, buyers spent a lot of money on the holiday season. It is likely they will be cautious when shopping online in January 2021. If shoppers want to buy large-value products during a period of financial shortage, Buy now pay later (BNPL) is a good way.

Buy now pay later allows consumers to purchase goods and pay in installments, similar to a credit card. BNPL providers pay the merchant in full, minus a service fee, while the customer pays the provider in agreed-upon installments.

Absolutely, sellers can introduce the BNPL payment option, which can increase product conversion rates. In this way, shoppers can use BNPL to pay in installments, which can reduce consumers’ economic pressure and indirectly increase the value of shopping carts.

2. Provide More promotions

Some sellers maybe have missed the 2020 holiday season, some sellers keep shopping in the new year. Yes, never miss them.

Provide promotional activities in the new year, it can greatly reduce the downturn in sales after the holiday and start making profits earlier than other sellers. Hence, you can maintain the growth momentum in the first quarter of 2021.

increase Amazon sales in 2021-provide coupons

For example, you can identify those buyers who spend the most in November and December. And then you can send them an email in January 2021 to thank them for their support to the store and provide them with a coupon.

At the same time, you can check your inventory to find out the excess inventory, then you need to consider whether to sell them at a discount.

3. Prepare new products

The holiday season has ended, products special for the holiday season will not be suitable. Such as Christmas trees and Christmas lights will not popular. In this way, you can prepare new products to better meet customers’ needs.

Snowboards, sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves, boots, auto accessories, and outdoor products will still be great business opportunities. Sellers need to emphasize the use of these products in the coming months and replace the holiday products to re-attract buyers.

4. Focus on the promotional date in 2021

Sellers need to pay attention to marketing holidays in 2021, including Chinese New Year (February 12), Valentine’s Day (February 14), St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), and Easter (April 4).

At the same time, we also need to pay attention to February 7. Although February 7 is not an official holiday, many Americans have regarded the Super Bowl on February 7 as an official holiday. The Super Bowl on February 7 is the annual championship game of the NFL (National Football League).

increase Amazon sales in 2021-promotional date

Snacks, customized autumn clothes, football, football helmets, home appliances 3C, etc. are all hot products during this period.

Valentine’s Day has become a famous romantic holiday all over the world. The sense of ceremony varies from country to country, but Valentine’s Day gifts are always indispensable.

Clothing accessories, jewelry, perfumes, belts, wallets, chocolates, personal care products, adult toys, etc. will all become hot-selling items.

And here are the promotional date of Q1 2021 you shouldn’t miss.

  • Winter Sales (European countries) January 8
  • Blue Monday January 18
  • Data Protection Day January 28
  • LGBT History Month February 1
  • Black History Month (US) February 1
  • Super Bowl February 7
  • Groundhog Day February 2
  • Chinese New Year February 12
  • Valentine’s Day February 14
  • Mardi Gras February 16
  • Mother’s Day (UK) March 14
  • St. Patrick’s Day March 17

Get more product ideas selling on Amazon in 2021.

5. Process more returns

December is the year-end shopping season, and January is the return season. Once consumers find that the product is inappropriate, unusable, or does not meet their expectations, they will request a return. Once receiving the return request, the seller needs to quickly process it.

Products that are in good condition and can be resold can be refunded immediately to maintain customer satisfaction. For products that cannot be returned to sale, the returned inventory can be quickly cleared through resale channels to prevent warehouse backlog.

Returns can make your profit down, however, if you can process the returns quickly great, it can enhance consumers’ confidence about the brand. Of course, provide high-quality products and accurate product descriptions can help you to reduce the returns.

6. Adjust your sales expectations

After achieving good sales performance in Q4 2020, it is normal for many sellers to have some sales decline in Q1 2021.

Sellers can compare the first quarter of 2020 with the first quarter of previous years, and keep an eye on current hot trends at any time to understand what customers are most interested in.

7. Try to use Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a live streaming service that allows sellers to “promote discovery” of their products by hosting their own live streams for customers on Amazon.

There are statistics that show that buyers who watch videos on Amazon are converted into effective buyers 3.6 times more often than buyers who do not watch videos. From that, we can know buyers have a strong preference for videos.

Hence, you can consider hosting a live event with the theme of excessive inventory and limited-time discount sales. Live streaming is actually similar to TV shopping.

8. Stand out by monitoring your competitors

Monitoring competitors’ products to discover their product performance and keyword strategies, in this way, you can put the information into your products. And monitoring competitors’ stores to know all dynamics from them and know what new products they have launched.

9. Get more reviews and learn from them

About 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews, so never ignore feedback and reviews. And good reviews are the key for sellers to improve their product search rankings and win the Buy Box.

And you can upgrade your product by analyzing your negative reviews. It can not only directly improve the buyer’s shopping experience but also effectively optimize our products and increase the conversion rate of products.

Final Thoughts

In addition, Amazon sellers can use various Amazon seller tools just like Captain BI to assist operations, which not only saves sellers’ time but also improves operational efficiency and product sales. Tools can help you save a lot of time and energy on the complicated matters, you can focus on increasing your sales. Here you can start your 90 days free trial now.

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