Amazon asin lookup: What is Amazon ASIN? How do I get it? How to look it up?

Amazon asin lookup: What is Amazon ASIN? How do I get it? How to look it up?

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What is Amazon ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It’s a 10-character alphanumeric unique identifier that’s assigned by Amazon and does not need to be added by the seller. The ASIN code is equivalent to a unique product ID, which is unique on the Amazon platform.


  • It’s unique for each product.
  • It is made up of 10-charcter, such as: B07B9FZXJC.
  • ASIN is searchable. ASIN can be used to search for products.

How do I get Amazon ASIN?

Here are 2 ways for you to find the Amazon ASIN.

Method 1: The web address/URL of the Amazon product listing

The Amazon ASIN will be after the product’s name and “dp”, as highlighted below. 

Amazon asin

Method 2: ASIN in product details

Why I can not search the product via Amazon ASIN?

There are four common reasons why ASIN cannot be found:

  • The ASIN may be the parent ASIN: The parent ASIN cannot be indexed by Amazon Search, if your ASIN cannot be found, please check if it is a parent ASIN.
  • Listing has no category: To make the ASIN can be searched, it needs to be assigned to a category. The category is similar to a shelf in a supermarket. Your products need to be placed on the “shelf” to be found.
  • There is no relevant data: You need to provide data such as product price, quantity and release date.
  • The Listing release date has not yet arrived.

When to create a new ASIN or use an existing ASIN?

If your product is new on Amazon and wasn’t sold before, it is necessary for you to create a new ASIN when you add the product to Amazon’s product catalogue.

If the product has already existed on Amazon, you can start selling by creating an offer under that ASIN. In this way, you share the ASIN with every other seller offering the same product.

How do I do Amazon asin look up?

With Amazon ASIN lookup, you can uncover your competitor’s keyword strategy and find new opportunities to optimize your listings and your advertising campaigns!

With Free ASIN lookup tool, easily find the opportunities for your business!

Just type the Asin you want to know and choose the market, then click the StartLookup button.

All traffic Keywords of the product will be shown, also the keyword search volume and weight will be shown.

Also, Once you search one Asin, ASIN Reverse Lookup will find out all varieties for you. And it allows you to check all variants easily!

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