Amazon Consultants: How to find the right Amazon consultant?

Amazon Consultants: How to find the right Amazon consultant?

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Is there a necessary for us to hire an Amazon Consultant? What can an Amazon consultant help me with my business? And How can I determine they are fit my business?

About the problem, whether you need a consultant, there is no definite answer. It is entirely up to you! If you are new selling on Amazon and you want to start a business quickly, maybe an experienced Amazon consultant is a choice. And for experienced sellers, Amazon consultants can help to solve the problem like account suspension.

Now there are thousands of freelance consultants and even entire consulting agencies in the industry, they can provide businesses with Amazon consulting services.

Why Hire Amazon Consultants?

Amazon consultants can help to provide several services for your business. In this way, they can save a lot of time and money for you.

1. Save your money

There is no doubt that you will pay for the consultant. however, we have to know, they provide you the right way to start, in this way, you can avoid the unnecessary expense and make more money.

2. Provide proven strategies

If you are not an experienced seller, it is not easy for you to find the right track to boost your business. Generally speaking, the consultant can provide you with proven strategies. In this way, it is easier for you to increase your sale.

3. Keep you in know

Amazon consultants are familiar with Amazon. Maybe they are not providing the overall service, at least, they are familiar with the professional knowledge that they are engaged in.

What Do Amazon Consultants Do?

There are a lot of services Amazon consultants can provide.

1. Provide account management services

This is the overall service that Amazon consultants can provide. That is to say, they will look after the whole selling process for you.

From launching your product to deal with customer service, from listing optimization to inventory management, they are responsible for everything. In this way, this means you don’t need to have any hands-on involvement in the day-to-day running of your account.

2. Process the suspension appeals

These Amazon consultants are good at handling account blocked issues. They can help you get your account reinstated, or listings unblocked. They can provide you with a Plan of Action or review your existing one, write appeal letters, and help you handle the escalation process.

Some also deal with account health and performance issues. In this case, they’ll audit your account, assess your metrics, and give you advice on how to improve them.

3. Handle infringement issues

Hijacking and infringement incidents on Amazon are common. In this way, some consultants are qualified lawyers. They can help you to draft the file to protect your business against unauthorized copying.

4. Expand to international marketplace

There are consultants who are experts in international expansion and help sellers offer their products on Amazon’s global marketplaces.

They can help translate and localize listings, provide customer support in different languages, and, for European expansion, help you with VAT issues. They may also be able to provide advice on import regulations, shipping, and order fulfillment logistics.

5. Listing optimization

There are consultants who specialize in listing optimization. They know the Amazon A9 algorithm and PPC management.

There are a lot of things they will do for optimizing listing, for example, PPC management, product images, A+ Content, and video optimization.

What Do Amazon Consultants

What are the qualities of a good Amazon consultant?

There are so many Amazon consultants, however, their abilities are not the same. Some people have only two or three years of work experience in the Amazon field, while others are senior people with more than ten years of knowledge. Some people have worked on the Amazon platform, and after they come out, they provide instructional business and focus more on the official field. Others are successful sellers or have worked in large companies that manage Amazon accounts. In this way, it is important for us to know the qualities of a good Amazon consultant.

You can refer the rules to determine if the consultant is great one:

  • Adapt to an ever-changing environment
  • Based on successful experiences
  • Understand your brand and vision
  • Don’t believe in “one-size-fits-it-all”
  • Think long-term and see the bigger picture
  • Have large networks with valuable contacts
  • Only recommend white hat methods

How to choose the right Amazon consultant?

It is curial to find the right Amazon consultant. These things you must consider.

Where to find the Amazon consultant?

1. By search engine

You will find there is a lot of Amazon consultant on the search engine results page. Maybe you are not sure what is the best among them. However, at least, it is conceivable that the top-ranked ones are very familiar with Google SEO.

2. By recommendation

You can find there are some recommendations from Amazon sellers from some forums, communities, and websites. Maybe some of them are ads, not the true recommendation. It still a way for you to find them, once you have multiple recommendations, you can compare and select the best one.

Of course, if there are recommendations from your friends or your coworkers, it is a great choice.

Things you have to confirm

1. Make sure what types of service you are looking for

Know your needs is always the first step for you. Know where your business is right now, how should it grow, what your goal is, and how much your budget is.

2. Know the consultant as much as possible

Maybe you can ask the consultant these questions to know more about them.

  • When did they enter the business?
  • Which customers have they served? Most consultants are happy to showcase the other companies they’ve supported and helped.
  • What industries do they have experience in?
  • Ask for an up-to-date portfolio of eCommerce case studies.
  • Do they offer transparent pricing?

Then, you can find the review for the consultant on the other platform. Others’ reviews can help you to make your decision.

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