Amazon Exclusives Program: Everything You Should Know

Amazon Exclusives Program: Everything You Should Know

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In 2015, Amazon launched Amazon Exclusives Program. To clarify, sellers can directly become partners of Amazon. These sellers should provide exclusive products to Amazon and increase the diversification of Amazon platform products. In return, Amazon will also provide sellers with more opportunities and traffic.

What Is Amazon Exclusives Program?

The Amazon Exclusive Program is a service for companies that sell unique and innovative products to help them develop their brand and quickly reach customers. After joining, sellers can enjoy a full-time marketing and support team, comprehensive professional brand protection.

What are the advantages of the program?

1. Improve product visibility

The products of Amazon’s exclusive program will get more traffic from Amazon. And products will be included in Amazon’s high-traffic product catalog. For sellers, this can greatly increase the popularity of the product, thereby increasing the sales volume of the product.

And sellers who join the program have the ability to use the A+ content page, which means that sellers can include more product details in product descriptions, as well as higher-level images, including videos, charts, and graphics.

2. Get more protection

Sellers who join Amazon’s exclusive program can prevent fake and inferior sellers. In addition, it is in Amazon’s interest to help exclusive sellers combat unauthorized sales.

Hence it is more inclined to actively help sellers correct any violations and prevent follow-up sales and counterfeit products.

3. Have professional resources

Sellers who join Amazon’s exclusive program can access a dedicated Brand Advocate and an Amazon-sponsored advertising expert to help them optimize their Amazon business. They can have more control over their display ads.

4. Access to promotions

Members can use Amazon onsite marketing, Deals, Giveaways, email campaigns, and branded content as well as video and additional HTML on listings. They also get free Lightning Deals and an option for Best Deals every month. In addition, the Amazon Exclusives storefront updates monthly to add themed catalogs and sellers can feature products there.

5. Prime shipping time

In order to be more competitive, sellers who join Amazon’s exclusive program can choose to provide fast two-day delivery service within Prime.

What are the disadvantages of the program?

1. Complete exclusivity to Amazon

You can’t sell the products that have enrolled in the program on any other site. If you are against it even by accident, it will carry some quite hefty penalties.

2. Higher commission

For seller accounts that have participated in Amazon Exclusive program, the Referral Fees part of the “Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule” will increase by 5%. And will apply to all sales in the account.

3. Cancel

Amazon did not provide extensive information on how to cancel Amazon Exclusives or the consequences. Therefore, you must carefully consider before registering, and get in touch with Amazon to ensure that you will be troubled by the problems caused by the exit in the future.

4. Prevent product being hijacked

It is not absolutely your products that can not be hijacked. Although Amazon may work harder to protect Amazon Exclusives products, it is certainly not 100% safe, so sellers still need to work hard in this area to prevent unauthorized sales.

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What are the requirements to join the Amazon exclusive program?

1. Order Defect Rate is 1% and below; The order cancellation rate is 2.5% and below; The delayed shipment rate is 4% and below;

2. Have a professional sales account with a good reputation;

3. Register product in Amazon Brand Registry.

4. the seller must be the owner of the brand

5. Willing to sell products exclusively through Amazon (and its own website or physical store);

6. Willing to only use FBA to deliver products published in the Amazon Exclusives program;

These are only the minimum requirements and not all applicants can participate in the Amazon Exclusives program. Meanwhile, Amazon will also evaluate the uniqueness and “suitability” of the applicant’s products.

How to join Amazon Exclusives?

1. Go to the request page.

You can go to the request page on Amazon seller central once you’ve checked out the eligibility requirements and feel confident that you qualify.

join Amazon Exclusives Program

2. Select where you are currently selling your product.

Then, you’ll be presented with a series of questions that seek to acquire details of where you are currently selling your product.

apply to sell in the amazon exclusives program

Products listed in the Amazon Exclusives program must be fulfilled by Amazon, and the seller must be the owner of the brand and register the product in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Products listed in the Amazon Exclusives program

3. Select the product category of the brand.

Amazon will ask for some more detail about your products category.

Select the product category of the brand.

4. Provide 3 links to your product

Now you are needed to provide 3 links to your product, of course, it is better if you can provide the link from your own website. Yes, Amazon does tend to favor sellers who have their own websites. however, if you cannot provide a link, you can choose to provide a picture and description.

Provide 3 links to your product

5. Submit the application.

Finally, provide contact information, and then submit the application.

Note: It may take 2-4 weeks for Amazon to process the application. If the review fails, no notification will be given.


Actually, there are some good reasons for sellers to enroll in Amazon’s exclusive program, however, there are also certain risks. Joining the program means that sellers can only sell on Amazon and their own websites, which also limits some customer groups to a large extent.

Therefore, before registering to join the Amazon exclusive program, sellers must take time to consider their pros and cons, look at the competition, and then decide whether to apply for participation.

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