7 Tips to choose the right keyword for your Amazon listing

7 Tips to choose the right keyword for your Amazon listing

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As we all know, Amazon keyword research is one of the most crucial steps for an Amazon seller product launch. If you don’t include the right keywords in your Amazon listing, your target audience will not find your listing, the discoverability will drop, and the conversion rate falls flat.

4 Steps to choose the right keyword

Firstly, you can find 5 or more of the best-performing competitors with products that are most similar to yours on Amazon.

Secondly, look for keywords that your competitors are using for their products. If there are 3 or more competitors are using the keywords for their products, these keywords are your choice.

Then, you can check keywords whose average ranking of products is within 20.

Finally, you can determine the keyword search volume according to different product categories. If the search volume is too low, the keywords are basically useless.

4 metrics have to consider when doing keyword research

1. Search Volume

The most accurate way to reach market demand is through data research. Data-driven allows us to make more accurate decisions. When you do keyword research, you can not ignore the keyword search volume.

The larger the keyword search volume, the more frequently it is used. It means that the use of the keyword on the product can bring more traffic. Of course, if the keyword search volume is too low, less than 1,000, it will not bring traffic to your product. It is not a good choice.

You can use the Captain BI keyword research tool to know the search volume of the keyword. It can help you to find the search volume of keywords, search trends, best sale period, listings, and sales. In this way, it is easy for you to figure out the potential keywords.

2. The number of search results

The number of search results under keywords is macro data. It can help you understand the difficulty of keywords from a global perspective.

However, maybe you have found there is a difference with the number of search results on different Amazon page. Such as, when I search for the keyword “toys”, the first page shows 100,000 results, but when I turn to the third page, it shows 200,000 results.

Amazon keyword research tool- search results

We recommend you to do the result on your seller center, the number of the results is relatively accurate. Also, you can make use of Captain BI to know the metrics of the keyword.

3. Competition Level

After we introduce the keyword search volume and keyword search result number. The next metric you have to know is the competition degree of the keyword. Here is the formula for calculating the degree of competition.

Keyword competition = search volume / search result number

The fiercer the competition, the harder it is to get a keyword ranking. The greater the competition, the easier it is to promote.

4. Relevancy

Lastly, It is necessary for you to ensure that keywords and products are highly relevant. If you put the low-relevance keyword to your product, it is hard for you to get a good product ranking.

It is easy for us to understand that your product conversion rate will not be very high. Because customers find your product is not the one they are looking for. At the same time, Amazon’s algorithm will allocate less traffic to your product.

7 Tips to insert the keyword to your listing

When you select the keywords of the product, the next thing you have to do is to add these keywords to the Listing. You can insert these keywords into product title, bullet point, product description, backend search term, review, and QA.

Here are the proven tips for you to insert the keyword to your listing.

  1. Check at least 5 competitors, and to know what keyword they are using in their products. and then you can build your own keyword list for your products.
  2. You can insert the keywords with high traffic into the product title as much as possible. And it is better for you to put these keywords closely follow the brand words.
  3. You can insert the keyword in product QA. It is best to insert 3~4 keywords in the answers.
  4. Even though the keyword is the core keyword, please remember not to superimpose keywords. And you’d better avoid long keywords, preferably single or phrase.
  5. Prioritize keywords according to relevance and accuracy, usually divided into core words and long-tail words. When inserting keywords, please insert them in order of priority, and ensure that they are reasonable and smooth, and spelled correctly.
  6. Due to the length limitation, some sellers will use abbreviations. It is recommended to consider whether the vocabulary after the abbreviation is what the customer is used to, and if not, consider changing the keywords.
  7. After the word is inserted, if you find that the advertisement is not effective, the main reason is that the keywords are not set accurately, so the keywords should be continuously optimized and iterated.


Research keyword is the first step when you are going to launch the product, know your competitors can make you perform better, and get success in the competitions. Get a powerful tool to do market research, 90 days free trials now.

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