Amazon launches All Offers Display

Amazon launches All Offers Display

Amazon News has issued an announcement announcing the launch of a new way of displaying offers for buyers.

All Offers Display

Amazon has launched a new offer display method, namely “All Offers Display”, or “AOD” for short. In this way, buyers can better compare product prices.

AOD will replace the original offer list page that is “OLP”. This change will make it easier for buyers to view and compare the prices of other sellers on the PC without leaving the search and detail pages.

Amazon also changed the AOD link to a button layout to enhance the visibility of the AOD link on the detail page. So that buyers can easily find the location of the AOD. In addition, on the mobile, the updated offer display method allows buyers to obtain key information at a glance. There is no need for buyers to navigate to the auxiliary view to check all offer information.

What sellers say

Some sellers think: Although the changed display method will be more convenient for buyers to compare prices, the new view does not clearly indicate how much inventory other sellers have and whether buyers can order now.”

Some sellers believe that this is not very friendly to the customer experience. “As a buyer, the practice of sliding the screen is not very good. Why is this an improvement? The full-screen experience is not better to make a purchase.”

How do you think of this?

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