Amazon negative reviews: How to respond to it and benefit from it?

Amazon negative reviews: How to respond to it and benefit from it?

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 Amazon product reviews are an important purchase factor for Amazon because Amazon customers rely on the reviews of other Amazon customers to decide whether they want to buy the product. Hence negative reviews are the biggest headache for Amazon sellers. Don’t fear negative reviews, it may help your business.

Why customers leave negative reviews?

Firstly, we have to know the reason why customers leave negative reviews. Generally speaking, the reasons are probably as follows.

1. Product quality issue

If the customer receives a product that deviates from their expectations, there is no doubt he will publish the unhappy experience on Amazon. Improper handling in the production process, poor materials used in the production, and defects in the factory will cause product quality issues.

2. Product description

Exaggerated descriptions of products often lead to false expectations of buyers, thus leading to high expectations of customers. If these products deviate greatly from the actual, then it will cause bad reviews.

3. Delivery the wrong product

If the wrong product is delivered and the buyer needs to deliver it quickly. In this way, it will not only cause negative reviews, but also additional costs.

4. Delay in delivery

As we all know, customers always want to get products as quickly as possible. Delay in delivery can also damage brands’ reputations.

5. Damaged packaging

If it is damaged during delivery, the shopping experience will also be affected.

respond to negative reviews

How To Respond to Negative Reviews?

If customers leave a negative review, you have to do something to reduce the impact of negative reviews.

1. Check the review carefully

The first thing you have to do is to check the negative review carefully. Identify whether this review comes from a real user rather than your competitors, and confirm what is causing the user’s dissatisfaction.

2. Reply to the review in a timely manner 

Once you have confirmed the reason caused the negative reviews, you’d better reply to the review immediately to show your proactive customer service. What’s more, please follow the following principles to increase the chance to get that bad review removed when replying.

  • Be solution-oriented — As we have said before, you have recognized the reason for negative reviews. What you have to do next is to resolve the issue. You can give them some suggestions for resolving the issue on their own. Then provide some options for resolving the issues. Finally, add in a specific offer for a refund, return, or other compensation for their trouble, if appropriate.
  • Keep it respectful — Always treat your customers politely no matter how wrong you think.
  • Provide information for other shoppers — While responding to negative reviews, remember to provide helpful information that can help other shoppers decide if this was a one-off incident or a deal-breaker. And let other users know that you are very concerned about customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of negative reviews for you?

Negative reviews are not so terrible, you can benefit from them.

1. Show how you care about customer satisfaction

When a customer complains, and when you solve the problem, there are other customers who will see your solution and sincerity, as well as the way to solve the problem and leave a positive impression.

2. Find the opportunity to develop the product.

If negative reviews are genuine, it will highlight errors in the product or service. It provides you a great chance to find what you can do better in your product and service.

3. Make other reviews look more authentic

Negative reviews are good for your brand because they’re proof that your reviews are real.

If people see all the five-star reviews, customers will doubt the authenticity of product reviews.  Consumers tend to trust reviews more when they see a mix of good and bad feedback.

How to use Amazon’s negative reviews to improve your products?

1. Make improvements for your product

Some of the weaknesses of the product can only be seen in the daily use of customers, for example, if the product cannot withstand long-term exposure or is not suitable for daily situations that have not been considered in product development.

Using these experiences to discover the weak points of the product. This clearly shows that it is a system problem, especially when customers repeatedly mention the same vulnerability, this time you have to pay attention.

2. Improve content and product information

The incorrect product information of the product is a common cause of negative reviews. If the information on the Amazon product page is incorrect or missing important information, this is particularly annoying because it is a preventable error and the problem is not the product itself.

You can learn from these reviews to identify and correct errors and gaps in the product information. Even if there is no error or incomplete information, misunderstandings may arise. If this information often appears in the comments, you may need to actively explain the information in the product description and draw the key points. At this time, the product manual is very important.

3. Integrate and highlight important product advantages

Based on customer reviews, you can well determine the advantages of the product and which are most important to the customer. These may even be advantages that the seller did not expect. After evaluating the advantages of the product based on the customer’s own experience, this knowledge can be incorporated into the product information.

4. Optimize product keyword

Reviews provide you a great way to find the keyword customer are using for the product. Check the review and you will find the right keyword customer is using for the product. Hence you can make use of these keywords to optimize your product. From the customer, better serve the customer.

At the last

Take the correct view of negative product reviews and better process it, you can find it can help you a lot.

In addition, maybe you can build a review response program to better process the negative reviews.

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