Amazon Product Video: Increase your conversion rates by 80%

Amazon Product Video: Increase your conversion rates by 80%

Amazon Listing Optimization

Black Friday is just around the corner, are you ready?

As we all know, traffic is the most important indicator for us to run the Amazon business, but to some extent, the conversion rate is more important than traffic.

We found that most sellers put their energy into optimizing images and optimizing text descriptions to increase conversion rates and little investment in video. But nowadays, The impact of video could have on your brand is enormous.  Therefore the seller’s investment in the video has become a must-do.

Why should you use video in Amazon listings?

Having product videos on your Amazon listing is one of the best ways to optimize that listing. Videos provide opportunities to build relationships with potential customers.

A good video highlights the functions and advantages of the product and shows its use. Descriptive videos provide insight into the function or working method of a product better than any text description. The comparison video can fully show the functional advantages and differences of the product relative to competitors.

For consumers, video allows them to quickly receive a large amount of information and arouse their emotional resonance. In fact, this is the information consumers want, so they are more likely to stay on your listing and watch whether the video provides effective information and promotes their buying behavior.

Where will Amazon’s product videos appear?

1. Product images
Product videos images

2. Related Video Shorts

The video will be integrated with Reviewers’ videos and appear in this section. The biggest advantage is that you can bind multiple videos to a single ASIN. Of course, definitely not videos that can be uploaded in a day.

3. A+ Content Page

Who Can Upload Product Videos on Amazon?

Product videos are available to all US sellers and vendors. In the EU and UK Amazon locales, this feature is currently an option for vendors only.

How can I add product videos to my Amazon listing?

It is easy for you to add the product video to your listing.

  1. Go to your Seller Central account.
  2. Click on Inventory.
  3. From the dropdown, select Upload & Manage Videos.
  4. Click the Upload Video button and select your video file.
  5. Enter a title and the ASINs that are related to the video.
  6. Select a thumbnail (preview image) for the video.
  7. Click the submit button to send the video to Amazon for approval.

What are Amazon’s requirements for product videos?

  1. All claims, both express and implied, must be supported. You may provide your personal opinion, provided it is clearly noted as such. Any claim that could reasonably be interpreted as a factual statement must be accurate and substantiated.
  2. You must be the brand owner of all product ASINs in your videos.
  3. No defamatory or derogatory statements about competitor products or brands. Statements about competing products must be factual.
  4. Videos must not contain prices, promotion information, discount claims (including words such as “cheap,” “affordable,” “on sale,” etc.), or time-sensitive information.
  5. You may only reference manufacturer-provided product warranties and guarantees and may not create, modify, or offer to modify them.
  6. If you mention customer reviews, you must include accurate product information that can be substantiated.
  7. You may not directly ask for positive reviews
  8. Any customer review details must be less than one year old.
  9. No controversial, political, sensitive, or sexually suggestive content.

Technical requirements
  • Export the file from your video editing software at the highest available quality setting. Acceptable file formats are 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, and MPEG-2. Avoid Apple ProRes file format.
  • The thumbnail image should be a JPEG or PNG file format in 16:9 aspect ratio and a minimum of 1280 x 720 pixels (1920 x 1080 is preferred).

Additionally, you can find the most up-to-date guidelines from here

Video shooting and production is very time-consuming and labor-intensive work, of course, you can choose whether to make the video yourself or choose a production company based on your budget, time constraints, and expertise. Hence hurry up and take advantage of the excellent videos to take the lead in this holiday season.

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