Amazon seller Questions & Answers Guidelines

Amazon seller Questions & Answers Guidelines

Amazon QA

Q1. Do users have to answer questions in Q&A?

It is not necessary to answer, and it doesn’t affect the seller’s account performance. The function of this section is designed to solve the buyer’s problems with the product itself

Q2. How do you name your Amazon store?

There are no specific standards, just like choosing a brand name. You’d better see if you can register it as a trademark for backup, in case other sellers use it to register.

Q3. Can I use the same phone number to register for Amazon US and Amazon UK? 

Yes, You can use the same number.

Q4. Can the customers’ reviews be modified at any time?

yes, customer can modify their reviews at any time.

Q5. I haven’t launched any listing, can I apply for brand registration first?

Yes, as long as the store is successfully registered, you can enroll in Amazon Brand Registry.

Q6. Can I quote the good reviews left by a buyer in the product description?

The copyright of the reviews belongs to the commenter. The seller can ask for the commenter’s consent by replying to the comment. After agreeing, it can be cited.

Q7. Can I offer gift certificates or free gifts to buyers to solicit their comments?

Amazon prohibits any form of compensation in exchange for reviews or votes on “whether the review has reference value”, including any of the following compensation:

  • Payment (including in the form of currency or gift card);
  • Refund or compensation, including refund or compensation through non-Amazon payment methods
  • Free goods;
  • Eligibility to participate in a lottery or contest;
  • Provide discounts for future shopping;
  • Other gifts.
Q8. Why do some reviews on our listing suddenly disappear?

There may be several reasons for the disappearance of comments:

  • The comments conflict with the community guidelines of the Amazon platform, such as insulting language;
  • Amazon detects that the product has abnormal review behavior (such as a seller-manipulated review), so it suspends accepting or displaying reviews of the product or only accepts or displays real reviews that Amazon has confirmed.
  • Commenter delete their comment.
Q9. Will the seller receive a system notification when a product receives a new review?

When a buyer posts a new review of the product, Amazon will not notify the seller. Therefore, sellers need to always pay attention to changes in comments on their listings, and deal with them in a timely manner when they encounter bad reviews. 

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Q10. Will Amazon delete reviews after a certain period of time?

As long as this product is published on Amazon, its reviews will continue to appear. But Amazon will delete those comments that violate the platform standards, and buyers can also delete their own comments.

Amazon QA


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