Amazon Seller Tools & software 2021 (Top 42 Software)

Amazon Seller Tools & software 2021 (Top 42 Software)

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If you are running your Amazon Business, it is necessary for you to use some tools to help you. However, there are so many tools in the market, are you wondering how to find the most suitable one?

No need to look around! Come here check the most worthwhile Amazon software list. We have classified the software according to the functions and introduce the most popular Amazon Seller tools in each category so that you can quickly find the one that suits you best.

We cover:

Category 1. All-in-one Amazon Seller Tools

1. Helium10

Introduction: As the all-in-one software, Helium10 can help sellers with product research, keyword research, product launches, listing optimization, and others.

The best: We have tested the software, And we have found it is literally doing well in keyword research, product research, and competition tracking.

Pricing:There are 4 different charging methods, you can choose the one you want.

Website: Helium10

2. Jungle Scout

Introduction: Jungle Scout is also an all-in-one Amazon seller tool. Jungle Scout started as a product research tool, but over time the company added many more features to it, and today Jungle Scout has 13 tools!

The best: The best performers tool should be Product Database.

Pricing: Starting from $49 per month

Website: Jungle Scout

3. Captain BI

Introduction: Captain BI is new to the market, however, it delights us up! They focus on growing your Amazon business using business intelligence software. From keyword research, asin reverse lookup FBA inventory management, sales analysis, PPC management to feedback review monitoring, each tool performance well. And they provide 90 days free trial.

The best: The most commendable should be the profit report tool and sales analysis tool! Things got easier with Captain BI.

Pricing:Starting at $59 per month, Free 90 days trial.

Website: Captain BI

4. Sellics

Introduction: Sellics is devoted to helping you succeed on Amazon, it helps you with the major areas of your business, including SEO, PPC (pay-per-click advertising), research, reviews, competitor monitoring, and inventory management.

Pricing:Starting at $47 per month

Website: Sellics

5. Viral Launch

Introduction: Viral Launch is a comprehensive tool, and it is not only an Amazon seller tool – the company also offers a product launch service for several different Amazon marketplaces.

Pricing:Starting at $58 per month

Website: Viral Launch

6.  IO Scout

Introduction: IO Scout provides more than 10 tools that can help you increase your sales on Amazon. You can find the tools including Product Finder, Chrome Extension, Keyword Research, Listing Optimizer, Sales Analytics, and many others.

Pricing: Starting from $39 per month

Website: IO Scout

7. Feedvisor

Introduction: Feedvisor is an AI-based tool for large sellers and brands.  And it provides AI-based solutions for Price Optimization, Advertising Optimization, and Brand Optimization.

However, if you’re just starting, Feedvisor might not be the best solution for you, because it’s a solution for Large sellers and brands.

Pricing: You can ask for the demo, and the cost depends on the number of prices Feedvisor will be monitoring and adjusting.

Website: Feedvisor

8. ChannelAdvisor

Introduction: ChannelAdvisor offers 360° solutions for eCommerce businesses. From marketing to sales and fulfillment.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Website: ChannelAdvisor

9. ZonGuru

Introduction: ZonGuru provides 15 features. Email Automator among all tools they provide is really cool. It allows you to put your customer outreach on auto-pilot.

Pricing: Starting at $39 per month

Website: ZonGuru

10. Manage by Stats

Introduction: Manage by Stats is a comprehensive Amazon seller software suite. It allows you to view your true Amazon profits at any time you need to. 

Pricing:Starting at $27 per month

Website: Manage by Stats

Category 2. Keyword Research Tools

11. Keyworx 

Introduction: Keyworx is a keyword tracker tool specifically designed for Amazon sellers.

Pricing:Starting at $27 per month

Website: Keyworx

12. Amazon Keyword Tool

Introduction: Amazon Keyword Tool finds relevant keywords using Amazon autocomplete. It is easy for you to use, just type a keyword and the tool can generate a list of relevant keywords.

Pricing: Starting at $89 per month

Website: Amazon Keyword Tool

13. Keyword Tool Dominator 

Introduction: Keyword Tool Dominator helps you discover long-tail keywords your target audience is searching for, and you can Download a keyword list.

Pricing: Starting at $48 per month

Website: Keyword Tool Dominator

Category 3. Product Sourcing Tools

14. SourceMogul

Introduction: SourceMogul helps you source and obtain profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Pricing: $67/ month; $880/ year

Website: SourceMogul

15. Daily Source Tools

Introduction: Daily Source Tools provide 3 tools for you to find profitable products to sell on Amazon including Price Checker 2, Brand Contact List, and Daily Product Lists.

Pricing: Price for Brand Contact List is $89 (one-time payment)

Website: Daily Source Tools

Category 4. Listing Optimization Tools

16. River Cleaner

Introduction: River Cleaner’s listing optimization features are its most comprehensive and advanced.

Pricing: Depends on the numbers of listings. One product is $27 dollars per month, five products are $37 per month.

Website: River Cleaner

17. AMZ One Step

Introduction: AMZ One Step is a tool that helps you optimize your Amazon listings, sell more, and increase your profit.

Pricing: Full Listing Optimization costs $295 (one-time payment)

Website: AMZ One Step

18. Kenji ROI

Introduction: One Stop Solution for Amazon Listing Optimization Services.

Pricing: Full Listing Optimization costs $295 (one-time payment)

Werbsite: Kenji ROI

Category 5. Amazon Advertising Tools

19. PPC Entourage

Introduction: PPC Entourage software lets you put your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads on auto-pilot and crush your competition. It also claims to boost your Amazon sales and profits.

Pricing: Starting at $47 per month

Website: PPC Entourage

20. Content26 

Introduction: Content26 is a service that ensures your advertising content on Amazon (Amazon Sponsored Products) will stand out.

Pricing: Custom packages

Website: Content26

21. Zon.Tools 

Introduction: Zon.Tools take the guesswork out of running an Amazon advertising PPC campaign. It automatically generates smart campaigns and ad groups that it feels will be most effective.

Pricing: Starting at $9 per month

Website: Zon.Tools

22. Teikametrics

Introduction: Teikametrics specializes in helping sellers with Amazon and Walmart Advertising. It provides you with deep insights into the performance of your campaigns.

Pricing: It is not cheap. Flywheel PLATFORM is for $59 per month. You can contact them for pricing for other features.

Website: Teikametrics

23. Repricer

Introduction: Repricer is an Amazon repricer for sellers who want to win the Buy Box and stay ahead of their competition.

Pricing: Starting at $79 per month

Website: Repricer

Category 6. Amazon Inventory Management Tools

24. Forecastly 

Introduction: Forecastly eliminates the need for tracking your inventory on a complex Excel spreadsheet. It uses accurate artificial intelligence to predict how many units each product will sell.

Pricing: Starting at $99 per month

Website: Forecastly

25. ReStock Pro 

Introduction: ReStock pro is an Amazon seller tool for hassle-free inventory management. In a nutshell, it helps you to gain accurate forecasts and maximize your profits.

Pricing: Starting at $99.99 per month

Website: ReStock Pro

26. Tradegecko 

Introduction: Tradegecko is a powerful automated inventory management software for wholesale and multichannel e-commerce with a B2B ordering platform. It is an inventory management software program that helps keep your Amazon FBA business in order.

Pricing: Starting at $39 per month

Website: Tradegecko

Category 7. FBA Reimbursement Tools

27. Refunds Manager

Introduction: Refunds Manager is FBA reimbursement too, it covers 19 possible scenarios that could lead to refunds being required.

Pricing: Starting at $39 per month

Website: Refunds Manager

28. AMZRefund

Introduction: AMZRefund will help you claim reimbursements resulting from Amazon errors. 

Pricing: 12% commission on the money you get back from Amazon

Website: AMZRefund

Category 8. Amazon Feedback & Review Tools

29. AMZ Finder 

Introduction: AMZ Finder helps you seek reviews through automated emailing, offering 500 free emails per month.

Pricing: Starting at $49 per month

Website: AMZ Finder

30. Feedbackwhiz 

Introduction: Feedbackwhiz helps Amazon sellers to improve their product reviews, send emails in bulk, and get better feedback.

Pricing: Free

Website: Feedbackwhiz

31. FeedbackExpress 

Introduction: FeedbackExpress makes you easy to email customer automatically to ask for a positive review. The software will also alert you when you get a negative review allowing you to take action quickly to minimize any disruption to your business.

Pricing: Starting at £35 per month

Website: FeedbackExpress

Category 9: Amazon Analytics Tools

32. Seller Board 

Introduction: Just like Captain BI, Seller Board does well in the sales analysis. You can view the number of orders, fees, reimbursements, refunds, fixed costs, and other crucial information.

Pricing: Starting at $15 per month

Website: Seller Board

33. Hello Profit 

Introduction: With Hello Profit, you will find it is really good at sales analysis and profit management. It is clear to know your profit by analyzing all your costs and sales.

Pricing: $97 per month

Website: Hello Profit


Introduction: CASHCOWPRO slogan is winning analytics for amazon, it is an all-in-one analytics and performance monitoring solution.

Pricing: Starting at $49.97 per month


35. Seller Legend

Introduction: Seller Legend is  an effective analytics tool.  32 available widgets make it possible for you to customize the data to your business’s needs.

Pricing: Starting at $49.99 per month

Website: Seller Legend

36. Fetcher

Introduction: Fetcher tracks your sales and profits, refunds, expenses, and other analytics. While it gives an overview of your store as a whole, it also breaks down the stats for each individual product. 

Pricing: Starting at $49.99 per month

Website: Fetcher

Category 10. Amazon Legal Services & Tools

37. Private Label Lawyer

Introduction: Private Label Lawyer is a legal services consultant specializing in trademark law.

Pricing: You can ask for a quote

Website: Private Label Lawyer

38. Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Introduction: Amazon Sellers Lawyer credits itself as being the “#1 law firm helping suspended Amazon sellers get their accounts and listings back.”

Pricing: You can ask for a quote

Website: Amazon Sellers Lawyer

39. Amazon Sellers Attorney

Introduction: Amazon account suspended or deactivated? schedule a free consultation with an amazon sellers attorney with 30 years of expertise and get your bespoke amazon appeal letter today!

Pricing: You can ask for a quote

Website: Amazon Sellers Attorney

Category 11. Tax Services & Tools

40. TaxJar

Introduction: TaxJar is a tool that helps you automate your sales tax calculations, reports, and filings with ease.

Pricing: Starting at $17 per month

Website: TaxJar

41. Avalara

Introduction: Avalara simplifies tax compliance with automation. Their technology helps businesses manage sales and use, excise, GST, VAT, and other tax types, across the U.S. and abroad. 

Pricing: You can ask for a quote

Website: Avalara

Category 12. Customer Support tools

42. eDesk

Introduction: eDesk allows you to increase your customer support management from simple emails back and forth into a consolidated inbox.

Pricing: Starting at $39 per month

Website: eDesk


In addition to the Amazon tools we listed above, there are many other tools. In this way, according to which stage of Amazon seller development you are, and your budget, choose which one is most suitable for you. Whatever, I prefer the all-in-one software, it can provide a comprehensive solution at a reasonable price. Of course, using multiple tools at the same time can also bring good results. Go for it. Find a great one to help you work more efficiently.

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