Amazon’s Choice badge: How it works? How to win it for your products?

Amazon’s Choice badge: How it works? How to win it for your products?

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How to get an amazon choice badge? How does Amazon’s choice work? And is it related to Buybox? Don’t look around, just come here to check the complete guide about everything about Amazon’s Choice badge.

Amazon once stated on the official seller forum that Amazon’s Choice is only driven by internal processes and data. this means:

  • Sellers cannot register for Amazon’s Choice badge;
  • The seller cannot ask Amazon to choose your product;
  • Sellers cannot buy Amazon’s Choice badge;
  • The seller does not need to establish any special relationship with Amazon to obtain the badge.

What is Amazon’s Choice badge?

Amazon label the Amazon’s Choice badge for some products based on the performance of the listing. Customers can directly purchase the products with Amazon’s Choice badge through Amazon Echo speakers. The purpose is to cooperate with Amazon Echo to simplify the customer’s purchase process.

The background color of the Amazon’s Choice label is graphite, and the font colors of the two words are white and orange.

Amazon’s choice badge is search-term dependent. Amazon’s choice badge is for search terms (keywords), not product categories. In other words, if a seller’s product wins this badge, it’s because it contains important keywords. Therefore, searching for products with other keywords does not necessarily have this badge.

You may have noticed this, Amazon’s own-brand products often carry Amazon’s Choice badge.

And unlike the Best-sellers badge, you don’t need massive sales volume and velocity to qualify. What matters more is to make the product match as closely as possible to what your customer wants.

Why did Amazon launch Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon launched the Amazon’s Choice project in 2015, the purpose is to cooperate with Amazon Echo to simplify the customer’s purchase process. Amazon Echo is a voice-based smart speaker with an unlimited audio player and free radio functions. You can ask the Echo to give you the most correct answer Amazon thinks. The voice intelligence function is a bit like Apple Siri, but Amazon has added voice shopping.

At the first, because Amazon’s Choice badge didn’t seem to bring any changes to the seller’s traffic and conversions, sellers always ignored it. But with the adjustment of Amazon’s algorithm in recent years, Amazon’s choice has gradually become more and more important.

Benefits of the Amazon Choice badge

1. Amazon will give priority to products with Amazon‘s choice badge.

As we all know, Amazon’s A9 algorithm is similar to the search principle of the google algorithm, and it also has a voice search feature.

When you start searching for a product, Amazon will give priority to recommending products you have already purchased based on your purchase history. If you have not purchased the type of product you are searching for, Amazon will give you priority to display products with Amazon’s choice badge.

Of course, we have always known that search rankings are obtained based on relevance and conversion rate, but it is not difficult to find that products with the Amazon choice badge will always be ranked first.

Amazon’s choice badge products will be displayed immediately after the sponsored product.

2. Improve keyword ranking

On the one hand, when the product conversion of this keyword reaches a certain level, the product will win Amazon’s choice badge for this keyword. On the other hand, after winning Amazon’s choice badge, if customers search for long-tail keywords, even more broadly, your product ranking will be improved.

Besides, you’ll also earn more revenue from sales because of Amazon’s choice badge. Since you’re making more sales, your general search rankings will increase, too.

6 factors for product to be an Amazon choice product

As we have mentioned in the beginning, Amazon’s Choice is only driven by internal processes and data. However, you can still get some clues.

  • Prime eligibility: Amazon will not hand out a Choice Badge to sellers that are ineligible for Prime.
  • Stock levels: If the product inventory is insufficient or falls sharply, Amazon will immediately transfer Amazon Choice to other sellers.
  • Low-return rate: If customers are frequently returning back your products, it’s a major red flag.
  • Competitive price: Amazon tends to feature competitively-priced products, so you likely won’t see any ridiculous deals or specials.
  • Rating: The more good things customers have to say about your product, the more it looks good in the eyes of the Amazon algorithm. 
  • High sales volume: Amazon will judge whether the product value is worthy of recommendation based on sales volume and conversion rate.

How to get an Amazon’s Choice badge?

Let’s take a look at the requirements to get the Amazon’s Choice badge.

1. Focus on Keywords

Amazon’s Choice Badge always corresponds to very specific keyword searches. We have researched the products with Amazon’s Choice badge, and we found the product with related keywords in the title can win the badge easily.

To increase the chance of your products appearing for a search query, consider ranking for long-tail keywords.

Here are the tips for you to insert keywords into your listing:

  1. Check at least 5 competitors, and know what keyword they are using in their products. and then you can build your own keyword list for your products.
  2. You can insert the keywords with high traffic into the product title as much as possible. And it is better for you to put these keywords closely follow the brand words.
  3. You can insert the keyword in product QA. It is best to insert 3~4 keywords in the answers.
  4. Even though the keyword is the core keyword, please remember not to superimpose keywords. And you’d better avoid long keywords, preferably single or phrase.
  5. Prioritize keywords according to relevance and accuracy, usually divided into core words and long-tail words. When inserting keywords, please insert them in order of priority, and ensure that they are reasonable and smooth, and spelled correctly.
  6. Due to the length limitation, some sellers will use abbreviations. We recommend you to consider whether the vocabulary after the abbreviation is what the customer is used to, and if not, consider changing the keywords.

However, avoid keyword stuffing in the listing, as Amazon can penalize you for it and lower your product’s visibility.

From the article to know more about keyword research: 7 Tips To Choose The Right Keyword For Your Amazon Listing

2. Make sure prime eligible

Fast shipping is a requirement for Amazon’s badge, so you have to be sure you are eligible for Prime. Adding Prime is the best way to ensure the product is in stock, ready for shipment, and will arrive within two days.

Luckily, if you’re an FBA seller, you’re automatically eligible for Amazon Prime and can take advantage of next-day delivery.

3. Amazon a+ page

Optimize your listing page is necessary. Because how you present the information can improve the click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate from search to purchase.

Make your content easy to read. Keep in mind, customers don’t want to read through a whole paragraph of text. They want all the crucial information, presented in a clear and concise manner. Then, you’d better not use the superlatives, use statistics, data, and social evidence to prove your point. If your product is really the best or the most advanced, you should be able to support it with conclusive evidence, not just talk.

Thus creating an A+ page is no doubt a great choice for you to optimize your listing page. By using the A+ page to create product descriptions, it will help consumers digest the detailed listing information with its easy-to-read format and images, thereby avoiding the neglect of purchase information. In addition, you can tell the brand story through the A+ page. Through your product, your story educates customers why they should buy your product, to increase brand awareness and increase their stickiness with the brand.

How to get an Amazon's Choice badge? A+ page

Products with an A+ page are more likely to get the Amazon’s Choice badge. Of course, not all products can add the a+ page, the product that joins the Brand Registry has the right to add the a+ page.

4. Low return rate

A high return rate can affect the status of a listing, and Amazon will not recommend a product with a high return rate. Therefore, provide high-quality products and great customer service is the basic thing for your Amazon business.

Consumers understand our products through our products’ pictures, videos, and text introductions. For this reason, if the sellers’ introductions do not match the products, it will lead to a situation of return. When making an introduction, we must be realistic and accurately introduce the features of our products to potential consumers through pictures, videos, and texts. Don’t make exaggerated introductions, otherwise, if you introduce consumers to features that the product does not have, this will definitely bring disappointment to consumers, so returns are inevitable.

The quality of the product is closely related to its return rate. For this reason, when preparing the product, we should also pay attention to the quality of our product. The long-distance transportation process also has more stringent requirements for the packaging of the product. We must know that if our products are damaged when they reach consumers, they lack parts, and leaks will cause consumers to return the goods. If your product is sent directly from a Chinese supplier to the Amazon warehouse, it is recommended that you use a product quality inspection company to help you test the quality of the product, screen high-quality products, and ensure that you provide users with high-quality products.

5. Get more positive reviews

Amazon attaches great importance to the product review. Generally speaking, the average star rating of a product review needs to be 4 stars or more to have a chance to get the Amazon’s Choice badge. However, in a category with very small competition, Amazon maybe recommends the product without a review.

Here are a lot of ways for you to get reviews from customers, just like join the Amazon Vine Program, join Facebook groups, and list your products on the deals site. All these methods help you to get more sales. However,  there’s no guarantee of earning a high customer rating after purchase. So that it is important for you to provide excellent customer service.

As we all know, a satisfied customer who had a great experience with your store is more likely to leave feedback.

6. Provide competitive price

When you hover your mouse over the Amazon’s Choice badge, you will find that the tagline also contains “well-priced products.” What exactly is a well-priced product? It is an interesting question. Prices change all the time, so how do you pinpoint when it falls into the ‘well-priced category?

You don’t have to go below your MAP pricing, but if you are 10x more expensive than your competitors, you probably won’t be chosen for the Choice Bage. It is a great choice for you to use repricing software to make sure your products aren’t too far from the market standard.

7. Keep healthy inventory levels

Lastly, keep healthy inventory levels is crucial. Staying on top of how much inventory you have and ensuring you have enough stock to fulfill customers’ orders avoids out-of-stock situations so you don’t lose customers. You have to forecast inventory levels to avoid stock out and avoid long-term storage fees in FBA warehouses.

If you have a lot of products, inventory software can help you solve all problems. Inventory Manager makes it clear to check your FBA inventory, you can quickly assess when and how much stock you should reorder. Keep your sale by easily preventing stockouts. In addition, analyzes your inventory automatically to figure out when and how much to restock your inventory.

What is the difference between Amazon’s choice badge and bestseller badge?

If your listing becomes a Best Seller, there is a greater chance of winning the Amazon Choice badge.

Common features:

  1. Amazon identify them automatically
  2. Both can help to increase the traffic and conversion
  3. Both require listing to be in good condition
  4. All are free support from Amazon

Different Features:

1. The positions of the two badges are different

The location of Amazon’s Choice badge is above the title of the keyword search results.

The Bestseller logo is at the top of the picture.

2. Different categories covered

Amazon’s Choice badge covers the categories including Amazon self-operated categories, books and audiovisual, movies, music, games, electronics, home improvement, toys, clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, handicraft, outdoor, cars.

Best Seller supports all categories.

3. The prerequisites for getting the label are different

To get Amazon’s Choice badge, the product must be branded and sent to the FBA warehouse.

The Best Seller badge is that as long as you sell on the platform, you have the opportunity to win.

Amazon’s Choice badge


Now the badge means this is Amazon’s recommendation for a well-priced, highly rated product available for immediate shipping.  Getting your product qualified for Amazon’s Choice Badge feature should be one of every eCommerce brand’s goals.

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