Captain BI: The first business Intelligence to make you get success on your Amazon business

Captain BI: The first business Intelligence to make you get success on your Amazon business

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About 4 years ago, we started to devote ourselves to develop a powerful tool to help the Amazon seller. Luckily, we have helped more than 200,000 Amazon sellers with more than one hundred technical talents provide strong technical support. 

We are glad about it! At the same time, it is not enough, we can do more! So now we launch the international version to help more sellers worldwide.

Now our software provide 10 tools for you! Let’s check it!

Keyword research Tool

This tool can grasp all relevant keywords result for you instantly, provide you the data of the number of the listings and sales of all relevant keywords, and provide a complete history of the search trend of the keyword. In this way, it is better for you to decide how to optimize your listing and adjust your PPC campaigns.

Keyword research Tool

Product research Tool

The Product Research tool provides all valued information gathered from the amazon market for you. With so much valuable data, easy to explore product ideas.

Showing the price distribution, review rating distribution, brand distribution, price & review distribution, launched time, and word frequency of the product with a clear chart. Obviously, it is easy for you to grasp the development of the product market.

Finding winning products Now

Review Analyzer Tool

You can know more about your customers with Review Analyzer. You just type the amazon asin, tool will analyze the product reviews, including review ratings, verified purchased, variations, reviewers, contents and more. Through the analysis of product reviews, you can know the performance for variants of the product, it provides you a guide how to develop your product.

Product Monitoring Tool

This tool lets you spy on products for more market data. Within recording the changes in the product in real-time, all dynamic is shown clearly.

Store Monitoring Tool

You can closer to your competitors with this tool. By one click to track all dynamics of competitors including new products they launched, the review rating of their products, and feedback status. Once they adjust their marketing strategies you can know that immediately.

ASIN Reverse Lookup Tool

The tool can access an easy way to analyze traffic keywords and discover the keyword search trends. In this way, you can optimize your listing and improve your conversion. So that it is easy to discover your competitor’s keyword strategy.  

Sales Analytics Tool

This tool helps you to analyze your sales more efficiently, you can get a more comprehensive understanding of your business via the following components:

Product Performance: Check the product performance easily by analyzing the related data of each product, including the sales data, inventory data, and other related data of each product,output the important metrics. 

Order List: The details of orders, price, order date, items, buyer information, shipping status will help you manage orders easily.

Refund Details: The details of your refunds will be displayed. For instance, refund reason, refund processing progress, and more. In this way, you can easily analyze and understand the refunds. Above all, know more and do better.

Buy Box Monitoring: Continuously monitor an unlimited amount of ASINs and listings. Once your products are hijacked, the tool will help you to track and respond to the threat.

Product Management: You can easily manage your product cost and shipping cost so that you will get accurate profit data.

FBA Inventory Tool

Now FBA Inventory Tool includes two functions: FBA inventory management and Amazon FBA claims. Firstly, inventory management can better manage FBA inventory by knowing well the data of inventory cost, replenishment, redundancy, LTSF. Then about FBA Claim, it can simplify your claims process and get the amazon reimbursements quickly.

Account Health Tool

Account Health Tool helps you to know your account health by review monitoring and feedback monitoring. The tool monitor negative reviews and negative feedback for your amazon stores in real-time, get automatic notifications on any negative reviews and feedback, so you can respond to them immediately.

Sponsored Ads Tool

Visualize your campaign performance with clear data, so that helps you to increase the ROI of your advertising. And we will launch the automated bidding tool for you soon, it will assist you with the ads management with bidding strategies, such as budget, time range, bidding, increase the conversion and decrease the Acos with intelligence.

More new functions will come soon.

And there is another good news! All TOOLS ARE FREE NOW!

Get the tools now for free!

If you want to know more about how to use these powerful tools you can check the Knowledge Base.

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