Customers’ Most-loved Valentine’s Day presents on Amazon

Customers’ Most-loved Valentine’s Day presents on Amazon

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Valentine’s Day is approaching. In the United States, more than 52% of adults plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, and about 39% of consumers choose e-commerce platforms for shopping. It is estimated that the total spending on Valentine’s Day this year will reach $21.8 billion. Hence many e-commerce platforms have launched special Valentine’s Day offer. Similarly, Amazon launched a landing page called”customers’ most-loved Valentine’s Day presents” recently. The page listed a list of customers’ favorite Valentine’s Day presents. There are gifts in more than 200 different categories, including home furnishing, fashion, kitchen, and beauty.

Valentine's Day presents on Amazon

Customers’ most-loved Valentine’s Day presents list

1. Jewelry

Valentine's Day presents on Amazon

2. Watches

Valentine's Day presents on Amazon

3. Sleep & Lounge

Valentine's Day presents on Amazon

4. Lingerie

Valentine's Day presents on Amazon

5. Beauty

6. Home & Kitchen

7. Something for Everyone

What can we learn from the list?

From the list of Amazon, we can see that the products selected have some things in common:

  • Products with a large number of reviews;
  • Products at a low price;
  • Small size products.

Tips on promote your sales for valentine’s day

  1. Sellers can optimize the product listing based on these characteristics. At the same time, we recommend that sellers find out the sales data of Valentine’s Day in previous years and combine the current trends to promote products.
  2. In addition, sellers can also add holiday keywords to the title and details of the product listing. In this way, it can easier for your product to be searched by consumers.
  3. Also, sellers can use social media and other channels to promote products to attract potential new customers and attract existing customers to buy again.
  4. Of course, sellers can provide Valentine’s Day exclusive coupons and Prime Exclusive Discounts to drive more traffic to your products.

Increase sales now

Valentine’s Day is one of the highest sales holidays after Christmas, Back to School, and Mother’s Day. Are you ready for it? Just start to hit it now!

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