Everything You Have To Know About Amazon Posts

Everything You Have To Know About Amazon Posts

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Nowadays, social media plays an important role in promoting people to shop. For example, a photo of a Pinterest influencer can create a hit. Social e-commerce has gradually become a new trend. Amazon has also begun to make many attempts in this regard. Amazon Posts is Amazon’s latest attempt at social e-commerce.

Many Amazon FBA sellers don’t know much about this new feature, so today let’s check the information about Amazon posts.

What is Amazon post?

Amazon explains Amazon post as follow,

“Posts is a new way to help drive brand and product discovery and consideration with curated lifestyle imagery in a shoppable feed on Amazon.”

Amazon launched Amazon post in the summer of 2020, and it is still a beta version. It allows brand sellers to publish product-centric content. And buyers can discover new brands through posts, or check which new products their favorite brands have launched.

Just like a post or video posted by a seller on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, posting an Amazon post can increase brand awareness.

How do Amazon posts work?

Amazon Post operation is a process from discovery, browsing to shopping.

First of all, the relevant information after the brand publishes the product post will be in the brand carousel.

Secondly, after users click the post, they will be brought to a feed. A feed is a custom line-up of your brand’s shoppable Posts. Customers can click through from your brand’s feed to product detail pages.

Then, users can continue to browse related post dynamics or browse the posts of related category products.

Posts are instantly shoppable, shoppers simply tap “show products” to learn more and visit the product detail page.

Who can use Amazon posts?

Right now, Amazon Posts is only available to sellers on the U.S. marketplace if they’re part of the Amazon Brand Registry.

who can use Amazon posts

Pros and cons of Amazon posts

This feature allows consumers to discover products in an atmosphere similar to social media, making the consumer experience more friendly.


  1. Sellers can directly share product content published on social media with Amazon consumers.
  2. Amazon Post provides sellers with various data reports, including views, clicks, and click-through rates, so that sellers can understand and measure the effects of their posts.
  3. Sellers can upload various types of content without limiting the frequency of posting or the number of postings.
  4. Sellers can also authorize others to publish posts in your name, which is an opportunity to cooperate with Internet celebrities.


  1. It’s yet another place your competitors’ products can appear on your listings.
  2. Since Amazon Posts is still in beta, sellers cannot change the automatic classification label for each post. Sellers can’t choose where the posts will appear and can’t choose the tags attributed to the posts.
  3. Because Amazon Posts is currently only available in the US, and only appears on Amazon App and mobile web pages and ignores PC users, this makes sellers feel that traffic is discounted.

What are the elements of an Amazon post?

Every Amazon post has 5 elements.

  1. Your brand name and logo.
  2. Your image.
  3. A ‘Show product’ button – When clicked this reveals a product mini card. Anyone that clicks on this gets taken directly to your listing.
  4. Your caption – Amazon allows you up to 2,200 characters here, but keep in mind that only the first two lines will be displayed by default.
  5. Tags – Amazon will auto-tag your posts with relevant product categories. When shoppers tap on a specific category, this will take them into a vertical feed of related posts.
elements of an Amazon post

How to create Amazon posts?

To sign-up to Amazon Posts, you must be a vendor or a seller in the United States with a brand enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. You must also have a store page for your brand on Amazon.

Steps to create an Amazon post:

Firstly, go to posts.amazon.com and sign in using your advertising console or Seller Central credentials.

Secondly, once logged in, go to your account console and click on the first option, “campaigns”.

Then, if you own multiple brands, click the one you want to create a post for.

create  Amazon posts

Lastly, you can click “Create post”.

Create Amazon posts

To create your post, you need to provide the following:

  • An image in either JPG or PNG format;
  • An image that is 640 x 320 pixels or larger;
  • A caption;
  • The list of products you want to feature in the post. Only products owned by the seller or products that can be resold or distributed can be included in the post.

In addition, the content of all posts must meet the following requirements:

  • Suitable for a general audience;
  • The content is consistent with the landing page;
  • Use the same language as the Amazon site where the post is to be published;
  • Clear and accurate so that customers can interact with the post or before deciding to buy a product Receive the correct information.

How to measure the performance of posts?

You can review metrics for viewable impressions, engagement, and engagement rates for each of your Posts.

measure the performance of Amazon posts

Amazon posts in 2021

Sellics CEO Franz Jordan predicts that in 2021, Amazon may “include posts in search results,” giving brands more opportunities to share richer content.

Dylan Verburgt, the senior commissioner of marketing agency Tinuiti, predicts that Amazon posts in 2021 will have a dedicated brand scrolling page, similar to brand posts on Instagram. This will be one of Amazon’s many initiatives to transform from a demanding capture and conversion platform to a browsing destination.

And how do you think of it?

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