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We all know the importance of FBA. At the same time, there will be many problems in the actual business process. We have summarized some practical problems that FBA sellers often encounter. Let’s check out it!

1. How to check the fee preview of FBA products?

To view the relevant FBA fee details of a certain FBA product, you can check it in the following ways.

Go to seller central (3 steps)

  • Enter the Amazon inventory management page and search for the corresponding product.
  • Click the amount under Fee Preview in the list.
  • Click Show FBA fulfillment fee details in the pop-up page to view the specific FBA fulfillment fee details.

If you use Captain BI (2 steps)

  • Login into your Captain BI account then Go to Profit Report.
  • Click ASIN Fees.

2. How to check the products that have been stored for a long time in the FBA warehouse?

Go to seller central (3 steps)

  • Go to seller central and click “Fulfillment” under the REPORTS column.
  • Click “Inventory Age” under Inventory on the left to enter the inventory time report download page.
  • Click “Request Download” to download the inventory time report to view the storage time of the goods in the warehouse.

If you use Captain BI (2 steps)

  • Login into your Captain BI account then Go to FBA Inventory Tool.
  • Filter the product.

3. How to increase the maximum number of FBA inventory?

If you want to increase the maximum number of your FBA inventory, you can search for “FBA Storage Limit” tool. The system will automatically determine whether the seller meets the expansion qualification for a standard size or oversized space.

Note: If your current FBA product sales ratio does not meet the standard, you can clear some of your inventory to reduce the total inventory base.

  • You can delete shipments that have been created but have not been shipped or deleted. The number of goods on these shipments will occupy your inventory capacity.
  • You can remove some products whose sales volume is not very good.

4. How to obtain the “two-day delivery” permission?

As a seller, you must meet the following 4 requirements.

  • You have opened a store on Amazon for at least 90 days.
  • You must be able to provide a valid tracking number from UPS, US Postal Service, Fedex or OnTrac.
  • Your effective tracking rate, on-time delivery rate and your order cancellation rate performance indicators all meet Amazon’s performance requirements.
  • There are at least 10 orders that have been generated in the past 30 days.

5. How to deal with the status that buyers do not receive the goods but information shows have been delivered?

Amazon has two delivery methods for multi-channel orders: one is direct delivery by Amazon logistics, and the other is delivery by Amazon cooperative carriers.

For multi-channel orders delivered by FBA.

The tracking code of the order will not be provided on the order details page. If the shipment has exceeded the estimated delivery time and has not been delivered after 7 days, please Contact seller support in time for more help.

For multi-channel orders delivered by Amazon cooperative carriers, the carrier information and logistics tracking code will be fed back on the relevant order details page.

At this time, the seller can go to the carrier’s official website to query the logistics information.

If the logistics information shows that the goods have been delivered, and after 7 days, the goods have not been received, in this case, please contact the seller’s support in time for more help.

6. How can I check whether the goods have been returned to the warehouse after the FBA order is returned?

Go to seller central, Click “Fulfillment” under the Reports column.

Click the “FBA customer returns” under Customer Concessions on the left to enter the return query page.

Enter the relevant information on this page to check whether the goods have been returned to the warehouse.

7. How to delete the listing on the Amazon inventory management page?

Currently, the listings on the Amazon inventory management page cannot be deleted. However, sellers can archive and hide listings that are no longer for sale in the following ways.

  • Check the items that need to be hidden on the Manage Amazon Inventory page.
  • Click the “Delete products and listings” option in the menu.

8. Why does the product’s FBA listing display Active, but it cannot be sold normally on the product detail page?

  • Amazon has received complaints from multiple buyers about the product. So the Amazon warehouse forces the product to be removed for product inspection. This process usually takes 7-10 working days.
  • Once the warehouse completes the investigation, the warehouse will automatically restore the saleable status of the product without a problem.
  • However, the batch of products will be listed as Unfulfillable and cannot be sold if there are quality problems for the product.
  • In this case, the seller needs to create a removal order to move these products back to their hands. an examination.
  • The seller account status problem. Regarding the specific causes of such problems, we recommend that the seller contact the seller support team for specific details.

9. How long will it take for the shipment to arrive in the FBA warehouse? What should I do if there is a quantity discrepancy?

Under normal circumstances, if the seller’s shipment arrives at the FBA warehouse, the warehouse will complete the receiving work within 14 working days and adjust the shipment status to “Closed”.  If there is a mismatch between the received quantity of the shipment and the seller’s delivery quantity, the shipment will be displayed in the “Receiving” state until the warehouse is completely received.

The seller can click on the “Reconcile” column to check the “date of submission of the difference of the shipment” If there is a difference in the number of shipments received. You can submit the query of the difference of the shipment if it is allowed. However, it is can not be submitted, wait until the specified date above before submitting, and then the relevant processing team will conduct further investigations on the shipment, and notify the seller via email when there is a result.

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