From 0 to 20,000 orders per day, what did he do right?

From 0 to 20,000 orders per day, what did he do right?

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Women now drive the world economy, global female income reaches $20 trillion annually. There has a great chance to expand your business in the female market. However, most companies have much to learn about selling to women. Luckily, Adam finds a bright way!

1. Start

Adam was an engineer before he started his Amazon business. He has always been interested in the market for women’s health.

“Female consumption accounts for more than 70% of overall consumption, and they have strong purchasing power.” Adam did a lot of research by himself.

At the same time, his wife is pregnant. So he did research on the products on the market, as a customer, he found these products can not meet their need. Therefore, he was determined to develop high-quality products that better meet the needs of female users.

And he thinks it is a great advantage for him to do the Women’s Health Care Products because he can do better in product development with the thinking of an engineer.

2. Problems on the way

It is not easy to start a new business. There are a lot of challenges in the way, and they devoted to finding the best solution for these.

No idea about the market?
“It is the first step for you to do market research before you start your business. ” Adam said.
He conducted market research in the early stages to figure out what the consumers really wanted. And You should always keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Adam found that female users have different needs in different countries because of different cultures. Adam gave an example, a thermometer, U.S. users always use it when she gets pregnant. However, in Europe, 40% of users are used for contraception, requiring long-term daily use.

“Knowing the customers and competitors made me find a chance in the competition.”

No traffic?
“Yes, the lack of traffic is the second problem I have met. “

In this way, Adam uses tools to research the keyword, dig out the valuable data. Then just kept trying and analyzing until he found the best way.

He analyzed the things from the perspective of an engineer and used data to investigate which keywords customers are more interested in, and what are the current hot sellers.

Data analysis runs through the entire process.

“Sometimes there is no need for you to bear by yourself, you can get great support from the power tool.”

Can’t meet customers’ needs?
“The review given by the customer is very helpful to improve the product.”
Consumer preferences change over time. Adam always obtains the voice from the customer by review monitoring.

3. Boost the Sale

Launchpad help launching products quickly

Amazon inventors help startups to acquire a large number of customers around the world and sell their newly created products globally.

At the beginning, Adam also encountered some challenges when Adam joined theAmazon.

“We don’t understand Amazon’s rules and product policies. It is the Amazon launchpad who helped me launching the listing, localization, and translation of languages, employees Training, etc.”. There are a lot of resources provided by Amazon launchpad including a dedicated page to increase exposure, a unique EBC page to display brand stories, and other marketing support.

Designated Amazon Account Manager

Work closely with Amazon Account Manager, better prioritize business, and increase sales.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the demand for thermometers and forehead thermometer Gun has skyrocketed. However, Adam was unfamiliar with Amazon’s anti-epidemic policies, the sales were suspended. After the dedicated account manager’s unremitting efforts to communicate and coordinate, he guided Adam on how to operate and submit materials step by step and finally helped the store to successfully resume sales.

FBA: Efficient enough

With Amazon FBA, I can focus on my business. Amazon store our inventory and take care of shipping to our customers, it can save a lot time for me to focus on the business.

And it is efficient enough to deliver my products to customers, premium delivery enhances the customer shopping experience and, in turn, increases customer demand and loyalty.

4. Looking into the future

Expand to Business to Business

Now it is more important for sellers to enhance supply capacity, and logistics and warehousing capabilities.

In the past, we only did 2C business. While this epidemic brought challenges, it also allowed us to see the growth of 2B orders. Under the momentum of growth, we find that direct 2B is more efficient and is also conducive to brand development. The demand for home medical products and services will increase in the future.

There is a higher requirement for the supply chain if run the B2B. It is not a big deal. Adam expressed confidence in his team.

“We have adopted our own R&D team and factory cooperation model. After a long run-in period, our collaborative efficiency has improved during the epidemic. Now, from order to delivery, the efficiency is even higher than before the epidemic.”

Combining software and hardware

Adam plans to Combine software and hardware to cover more scenarios and needs: accumulate more user data through software, and cooperate and improve more medical and health-related services and products in the later stage.

” In the future, we hope to expand nutrition and health products to meet the needs of sleep, diet, and personal care. “

“Don’t worry, just do it and try harder!”

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