He makes great achievements in a new Amazon business

He makes great achievements in a new Amazon business

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Product: Clothing

He told us: Keep these 4 points in mind, find the potential product, plan your budget better, communicate more and learn more, and make use of resources.

Wenjie has run his Amazon business in North American and European markets before he started sale in the Australian market in 2018.  Actually, he has made great achievements in the new business.

Amazon changes his life and it also allowed him to find a career he truly loves.

He said: ” Amazon has large traffic, a complete and mature system, and it is a good choice for sellers.” In this way, he joined a company to run the Amazon business. After gaining relevant experience in a company, Wenjie decided to become an entrepreneurial seller by himself.

Firstly he started to run his business on Amazon’s European and American market, luckily, his independent business has achieved good results. Later, he expanded to the Australian market.

The success of his Amazon business seems to be smooth, but Wenjie is also outspoken about the hardworking required behind it.

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Learn more when expanding a new business

“I thought the experience from my previous business might be enough, actually, it is still different. I had to learn something new, I took a lot of training courses and communicated with peers.”

When he expanded to the Australian market, he thought his previous experience might be enough, but the real thing is still different.

And he found something great as the business gets better.

Something surprising

There are always some surprises, Wenjie found there are two points that make things easier:

The traffic in Australia is much larger than expected. 

As of November 2019, Amazon’s retail website traffic in Australia ranked second, and the overall trend is still rising. At the end of March 2020, Wenjie signed up to participate in a promotional event. And harvested one month’s sales close to last year’s peak season, with monthly sales of nearly 15,000 Australian dollars.

There are more repeat purchases for Australian consumers. 

Wenjie also found that Australian consumers do not particularly price-sensitive and can accept a slightly higher price range. For example, some products’ prices may be more than 10 Australian dollars because of high-quality materials or fine workmanship, but Australian consumers are still willing to pay.

On the other hand, It is common for many Australian families to attend parties and gatherings. When Australian consumers buy a product, they are accustomed to repeated purchases. Once, a buyer placed an order directly for 16 items.

Rules followed

Regardless of the European or American market or the Australian market, Wenjie has achieved small achievements after a period of time. He said that although he has to do all things by himself, in fact, it is not hard to do a good job if you follow some rules.

“Definitely, you have to follow some rules when you start running a business. ” Wenjie Summarized the following things:

1. Begin with the category you are familiar with.

With the category you are familiar with, it is easier to find out the potential products, and you can do better well in optimizing your listing.

As for the product supplier, Wenjie confessed that he did not have the resources to cooperate at the beginning. “I went directly to search on the website where the factories gathered, and after confirming the production location, I contacted the relevant manufacturers and went to the site to inspect.” When selecting cooperative factories, Wenjie’s criterion is”good quality”. The quality of the products naturally comes first.

2. Fulfilled by Amazon, focus on Inventory management.

 That’s the great thing about using Amazon FBA, it saved me a lot of time. More importantly, FBA can also deliver to some remote areas, which provides consumers a better experience. However, It is important to manage your inventory, stay ahead of stock-outs.

“I generally use the sales data on Amazon as a reference and then adjust the inventory in real-time. Especially in the peak season, I thought at first that it would not usher in an outbreak until October, but in fact, sales will rise significantly from August, so we must ensure that we continue to stock.”


“I plan to step into more categories, expand the team, and build my brand in the following days.

There are a lot of things I can do and I can get more, yes, I mean I can earn more!”

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