Helium 10 VS Jungle scout VS Captain BI

Helium 10 VS Jungle scout VS Captain BI

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Helium 10 VS Jungle scout VS Captain BI—-Profit Feature Comparision

Today, we will share our comparison of the three software- Helium10, Jungle scout, and Captain BI. This time we mainly compared their profit analysis features and found their respective advantages and disadvantages.

At the same time, both Helium 10 and Jungle scout provide multiple features. A comprehensive comparison of them will be a difficult and arduous task. We will conduct a more in-depth study, and then we will publish more and more comprehensive comparisons in the later period.

What does the profit dashboard look like?

Helium 10 profit

Helium 10 VS Jungle scout VS Captain BI

Helium 10 profit dashboard is clear and easy to use, the data presentation method is concise, and the data displayed is relatively easy.


Once you go to the profit dashboard, you can see your sales and revenue of today, yesterday, week, and custom period.

Sales Trends access you to check what products are increasing and what products are declining.

Helium 10 VS Jungle scout VS Captain BI

From the Store Performance Matrix and Store Trends, you can know the performance of your store, not only the product performance. It is easy for you to check the overall sales and trends of your store this month.

Helium 10 VS Jungle scout VS Captain BI

Not well: If you have multi accounts, you can not check all data in one place. It is necessary for you to choose a different account and check the data one by one. It is not really great!

Captain BI

As can be seen, the Captain BI profit dashboard is a powerful, information-rich dashboard. You can find almost all data information here, including sales data, refunds, profits, PPC, inventory, and sessions.

Helium 10 VS Jungle scout VS Captain BI


  1. Don’t worry about multi-accounts, Captain BI make it possible for you to check all your accounts sales and profits.Whether the sum of all store data or specific store data, you can easily switch to check.
  2. Also, you can compare all stores data, so that you are clear about the performance for all your stores.
  3. Captain BI is highly configurable, which provides sufficient indicators for you to check the difference of each indicator
  4. Also, Captain BI provide highly configurable trends graph.you can choose all available metrics to compare the trends to know what’s going on.
  5. Captain BI lets you switch the displayed currency simply.

What features are covered by the three profit software?

FeaturesHelium 10Jungle scoutCaptain BI
Free Trial   
Stats summed up from all Amazon marketplaces
Real-time sales report
Breakdown by product
Return report
Refund detail
Tagging product
Profit & Loss Report

How long will the historical data be synchronized?

Once connected to your Amazon store, all software will sync the data to make you get more from your sales. However, there are differences.

  • Helium 10 can sync 18 months data for you.
  • Jungle scout can sync 24 months data for you.
  • Captain BI can sync 12 monrhs data for you.

What indicators are included in the profit calculation?

FeesHelium 10Jungle ScoutCaptain BI
Referral & FBA fees
Short & Long term storage
Other FBA service feesPartly
Cost of goods
Changing COGS
Sponsored brands
Sponsored product
Sponsored display
Lightning deals
FBM costs
Reimbursements from Amazon
Recurring fee
Taxes& VAT costs
Marketing costs

1. Referal fees

In general, all profit software will cover the referral fees.

2. FBA storage fees

Helium10: Cover the short & long-term storage fees, not include remissions.

Whether it is short & long-term storage fees or remissions, Jungle scout does not calculate them.

3. Other FBA service fees

Helium 10 does not include the FBA service fees.

Jungle scout partly includes the FBA service fees.

4. Cost of goods

Helium10 and Jungle Scout all support you to upload the product cost.

5. Changing COGS

Besides the cost of goods, the following index we must consider is changing COGS. Just imagine, when you order the second batch of the same product at a cheaper price, you need to set a new product cost from then on.

Helium10 and Jungle Scout all support you to update the changing COGS.

Even better, Captain BI allows you to define product cost according to order ID.

6. Returns

Helium10 and Jungle Scout all cover the return fees and the COGS of return products.

7. Refunds

Helium10 and Jungle Scout all cover the refunds.

8. Amazon Ads costs&sales

Helium10 calculate the ads costs and sales from all ad types, including sponsored brands, sponsored product, and sponsored display.

Except for sponsored display, Jungle Scout only calculates the ads costs and sales for sponsored brands and sponsored products.

9. Coupons

Helium10 and Jungle Scout all cover the fees of coupons.

10. Lightning deals

About Lightning deals fees, Helium10 and Jungle scout all don’t display.

11. FBM costs

I list the FBM costs is to list the tool that lets you enter a cost per order and not just a cost per unit. because these are of course outbound costs and if you have multiple units per order then it will
not be calculated correctly for all of these tools that only allow you to enter a cost per UNIT

12. Reimbursements from Amazon

Helium10 calculates the reimbursements from Amazon for you. However, Jungle Scout doesn’t calculate it.

13. External costs

To get more accurate profits, calculating external expenses is also essential. External costs can include recurring fees, tax costs, and marketing costs.

Helium 10 covers the recurring fees, vat can tax costs.

Jungle scout just covers the recurring fees.

How do their analysis functions perform?

Next, Let’s check what analysis functions this three software can bring to you.

1. Basic analytics

Basic analyticsHelium 10Jungle scoutCaptain BI
Individual products 
Individual orders 
Individual coupon codes 
Return rate 
Highlights and lowlights 

Compared with helium10 and jungle scout, Captain BI also provides a list of orders. You can view the details of each order and have a clearer grasp of your sales.

Captain BI and Helium 10 all provide you to check the highlights ad lowlights of your products. In this way, you can know exactly what products are increasing compared to previous.

2. Sales & Profit comparision analytics

Comparison analyticsHelium 10Jungle scoutCaptain BI
Time periods 
Different Marketplaces 
PPC vs Organic 
Full price vs Discounts 

3. Aggregated sales & profit data analytics

Aggregated analyticsHelium 10Jungle scoutCaptain BI
Parents ASIN 
Products categories 
Seller accounts 

4. Inventory analytics

Inventory analyticsHelium 10Jungle scoutCaptain BI
Inventory reimbursement report 
Request reimbursement 
Inventory value 
Inventory forecasts 
Sales forecasts 

5. Advanced analytics

Advanced analyticsHelium 10Jungle scoutCaptain BI
Return reasons 
Conversion rate 
Customers lifetime value 
Customers demographics 
Buy box 
Reviws/ Rating 
Listing changes 
Competitor price 

What Amazon marketplaces are supported?

Next, let’s check the marketplaces the three software supported. If you are not just selling in the US or Europe, it is important to check these.

  • Helium 10 supports 18 marketplaces;
  • Jungle scout supports 17 marketplaces;
  • Captain BI supports 17 marketplaces.
Amazon storeHelium 10Jungle scoutCaptain BI
US (amazon.com)
Canada (amazon.ca)
Mexico (amazon.mx)
Brazil (amazon.br)
UK (amazon.co.uk)
France (amazon.fr)
Germany (amazon.de)
Netherlands (amazon.nl)
Spain (amazon.es)
Italy (amazon.it)
Turkey (amazon.tr)
Poland (amazon.pl)
Sweden (amazon.se)
Saudi Arabia (amazon.sa)
UAE (amazon.ae)
Egypt (amazon.eg)
Japan (amazon.jp)
Australia (amazon.au)
Singapore (amazon.sg)
India (amazon.in)

Other important functions

Do these software support multiple seller central accounts?

Helium 10, Jungle scout, and Captain BI all support the multiple seller central accounts.

Do these software support multiple users?

Helium 10, Jungle scout, and Captain BI all support multiple users.

Do this software support multi-channel fulfillment orders?

Helium 10 and Jungle scout can not support multi-channel fulfillment orders. However, you can find multi-channel fulfillment orders in the Captain BI.

How do the prices compare?

Because Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are all-in-one software, it makes no sense to compare the prices of this three software. In any case, if you are looking for a professional profit analysis tool, Captain BI is a perfect choice.


Finally, as all-in-one software, Helium10 and Jungle scout perform well in terms of profitability, but there are still many areas that can be improved. They can provide relatively simple profit data to meet your basic needs. If you need more professional and detailed data, you can choose Captain BI.

Looking forward to the full comparison of helium 10 vs jungle scout vs Captain BI? We will launch it soon.

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