High Rate Of Negative Customer Experiences

High Rate Of Negative Customer Experiences

Amazon Policies

Amazon has always paid great attention to protecting the rights of customers. And as an Amazon seller, you have to follow Amazon’s policy to provide good products and services to manage your brand reputation and increase your sale.

Amazon Voice of the Customer

Log into your Amazon seller central, you will find there is a feature Voice of Customer. It shows the Customer Experience Health of your products based on customer feedback around those products. Of course, you can identify issues and problems customers are experiencing with what you sell from here.

And you will find there are two metrics that you can track in your Amazon Voice of Customer dashboard – NCX rate and CX Health. NCX is Negative Customer Experiences.

Today we will provide some tips on how to deal with the high NCX rate and create a great customer experience.

Negative Customer Experiences

The NCX rate is determined by the number of orders for which the customer has reported a product or listing issues divided by total orders.

Amazon has announced that if the negative customer experience (NCX) rate on recent orders is higher than the rate for similar products, Amazon will close sellers’ offers. Once Amazon closes your offer, they will send a notification. Simultaneously, the product will not available for purchase. In this way, you have to review and address the customer feedback that caused the high NCX rate.

high negative customer experience

How to deal with the high NCX rate?

On the “Voice of customers” control panel, you can view buyer comments to confirm issues that affect the buyer’s experience. If you have confirmed the problem you can take some measures to deal with the high negative customer experience.

1. Create a removal order for ASIN

If you are selling your products through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and the comments on the “Voice of Buyers” control panel indicate that the buyer has received the wrong product. In this way, we recommend removing the ASIN’s inventory and relabeling the product.

In the same way, if these comments indicate that the product is defective due to improper internal packaging, or its function does not match the advertising, we recommend that you remove or discard the corresponding product inventory.

2. Edit product detail page

If these comments indicate that the product detail page makes buyers confused, we recommend you to update the product detail page.

There are some common issues include missing compatibility details, incorrect size tables, and low image quality. Hence, to solve the problem, you can click “Edit Product Information” to update the product name, product bullet points, product description, and images.

3. Republish your product

If you believe that the buyer’s reviews did not indicate any systemic issues with your product or listing information, you can republish your product without contacting Amazon.

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Strategy to create a great customer experience

1. Improve your product quality

Selling products on Amazon must be sure that the quality of the products is excellent, especially for sellers on Amazon.com. As we all know, if the product you just purchased has product quality problems, it is easy to cause negative reviews.

Always focus on providing high quality products will never let you know. If your product actually have the qulity issue, just research it and improve it.

2. Keep your product description more accurate

Before buyers receive the product, their knowledge of the product is limited to the listing description written by the seller. Through description, every buyer will have his own reasonable imagination about the appearance and function of the goods. The moment the buyer unpacks the package, it is decided whether to leave a positive or negative review on the item. Therefore, sellers must ensure that the relevant data is accurate when describing the products, and excessive exaggeration of the products will lead to bad reviews.

3. Be good at communicating with customers

First of all, provide timely feedback when customers ask questions.

Secondly, be kind and friendly when receiving consultations. The customer service staff can leave a good impression on the consumers and help the buyers to be satisfied with the delivery.

There are a lot of sellers who not realize the high negative customer experience will affect account health. And they think it is not fair for sellers because no one can confirm whether the refund reason is true or not. However, as sellers, we can not do more now, just find the best way to solve the problem.

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