How Amazon Wishlist Help Sellers Promote Products?

How Amazon Wishlist Help Sellers Promote Products?

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Amazon wishlist can help sellers clearly understand what customers want to buy. It is great for sellers to know the shoppers’ browsing history and footprint, conduct product recommendations, and do marketing.

What is Amazon wishlist?

Amazon wishlist is a feature launched by Amazon in 1999. It allows shoppers to create a list of products they want to buy or receive. Besides, shoppers can share them with friends and family members to avoid receiving unfavorable gifts.

How does the Amazon wishlist work?

Amazon wishlist provides shoppers a way to create a list of favorite products, or share products with others, avoiding having to search and select products every time before placing an order. Shoppers can build a wishlist for gift ideas, such as a wedding or baby registry. Also, shoppers can use these lists for any other special occasion you can think of.

The Amazon wishlist has uncomplicated the entire gift-giving process, making it simple for anyone to build a birthday, holiday, or special occasion shopping list in no time. Also, it also gives sellers great insight into what their customers are tracking for price drops and useful information on which products are wished for the most.

Once you create a new Amazon Wish List within your Amazon account dashboard, you can then set the list to private or leave it public-facing to share it with anyone who has your email address.

How to create Amazon wishlist?

It is easy to create an Amazon wishlist, just follow us to create a wishlist for your products.

1. Login to your account on Amazon.

2. Hover over the Accounts & Lists tab and choose to Create a List.

Amazon wishlist- Create a List

3. A form will automatically show up asking you to create a list name.

Amazon wishlist

4. Once you name your list, you can click Create List button to complete the wishlist.

How to share Amazon wishlist?

Sellers can invite buyers to collaborate on the wishlist, as shown below:

Go to

Go to the wishlist and click the wishlist you want to share.

Click the +Invite button displayed at the top of the list.

Copy the link, or click Invite by Email to share the wishlist by email.

Send the link to the person you want to work with.

Amazon wishlist

What can Amazon wishlist help shoppers?

  • Add items and ideas in one convenient location;
  • Remember friends’ lists and share yours;
  • Check when items from your lists drop in price;
  • Get push notifications for deals when using the mobile app.

What can Amazon wishlist help sellers?

1. Provide sellers with product ideas

Potential buyers will add the products they want to buy into the wish list so that they can compare products, check the price reductions of products, and make purchases when needed. In this way, Amazon sellers can click “Most Wished For List” to view products that are frequently added to the wish list, select products, find products suitable for sale, and related products that are suitable for bundling with existing products.

In addition, sellers can also register a buyer account, create their own wishlist, and then add products suitable for sale to the wishlist. It will be more available for sellers to check the product.

At the same time, sellers can also create a wishlist for their own brand products for brand product promotion.

2. Promote products by sharing wishlist

Amazon sellers can promote products by sharing wishlists on Facebook or other social media. In general, sellers can do that by the following steps.

Firstly, you can share your wishlist on the Facebook homepage. Share new products currently being considered for sale, and ask buyers for their opinions.

Then, you can initiate a questionnaire survey to understand what users think about the products in the wishlist.

Third, encourage buyers to add the products they want to buy to the seller’s wishlist.

Fourth, encourage buyers to share wishlist on social media pages.

Lastly, you can initiate a social media contest to allow users to select products from our brand product wishlist for evaluation, which can explain what kind of product they want to get, why, and so on.


Overall, the Amazon wishlist is a very valuable tool that can be used to select products or to collect insights and feedback from existing customers on products. Reasonable use of the wishlist can allow buyers to participate in the activity of brands, improve interactivity, create brand awareness, and ultimately win loyal fans for the brand, thereby increasing product sales.

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