How to Apply for a GTIN Exemption on Amazon?

How to Apply for a GTIN Exemption on Amazon?

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What is GTIN?

GTIN named Global Trade Item Number, including UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN. In order to create new listings, you are required to provide a unique GTIN for most categories.

  • Universal Product Code (UPC)
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • European Article Number (EAN)
  • Japanese Article Number (JAN)

What is a GTIN Exemption?

 GTIN Exemption makes it possible for you to create listings without GTIN under certain conditions.  

When you are ready to launch a new product, If your product matches an existing product, you can add your offer on the existing product detail page without a GTIN. However, if your product does not match an existing product, you need to request a GTIN exemption and then add your product.

GTIN Exemption Requirements

To get GTIN Exemption, sellers need to meet the following conditions:

  • You want to sell products for which the brand, manufacturer, or publisher does not provide a GTIN. For example, private-label products or handmade products.
  • You want to sell products for which you are the manufacturer, brand, or publisher and you do not have barcodes on your products. For example, private-label products or handmade products.
  • You want to sell product parts that do not have a GTIN. For example, automotive parts or mobile accessories.
  • You want to sell a bundled pack of more than one product. For example, a pack containing a leather belt and wallet or a pack of two shirts.

How to request a GTIN exemption

Before you apply, make sure you have the following:

  • Product name and a minimum of two (and a maximum of nine) images showing all sides of your product and the packaging of the product.

Once you have your product images, follow the steps below to apply for a GTIN exemption.

1. On the Apply for a GTIN exemption page, click the Select button.

2. Select the relevant Product category from the pop-up list.

3. Type the brand or publisher name in the Brand/Publisher field.

Note: For unbranded items and bundles, type Generic (case sensitive). 

Tip: you can apply for multiple exemptions (up to 10) by clicking + Add more brands/publishers to add brands or publishers under the same category and click + Add more categories to add new categories.

4. Click the Check for eligibility button. 

5. An Eligibility summary will appear. A checkmark will appear in the Status column if you are eligible for an exemption. If your product is not eligible for a GTIN exemption, you will not be able to continue.

6. If your product is eligible for the exemption, click the Continue to submit proof button.

7. If you have the support letter from the brand owner, Manufacturer, or publisher, click “Yes” and upload the document. On the Provide proof page, upload your images.

8. Click Submit request

You will receive an email within 48 hours regarding the approval status of your request. Alternatively, you can check the status of your request in your case log.

You can re-apply for exemption in case you have taken the GTIN exemption under an incorrect brand name or category.

How to add a product after you receive a GTIN exemption?

Things to Remember:

After you have applied for GTIN Exemption, check the status of your request in your case log.

You can launch the new product with GTIN Exemption by upload the form, however, you have to be sure to enter the Category and Brand/Publisher name exactly as they appear in your exemption approval notice. If you use a different case or insert additional characters or spaces, the system will not recognize your exemption.

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