How to optimize the Amazon Q&A of listings?

How to optimize the Amazon Q&A of listings?

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how to optimize the Amazon Q&A

A lot of sellers put their focus on keyword research and gain reviews when they launch a new product on Amazon. Unfortunately, Q & A always be forgotten.

Today, how about getting some new ideas from this article on how to optimize the Q&A?

Why Q&A is important?

1. Discussing the product

Q&A provides a place to talk about product characteristics, functions, quality, and usage methods between sellers and buyers, buyers, and buyers. And it is conducted in a question-and-answer mode.

Each buyer’s demand is different, so different buyers will have different experiences and feelings in all aspects of the product.

Both the seller and the buyer can answer the question. What’s more, as long as the buyer meets the requirements of Amazon buyers, they can answer the question regardless of whether they have bought the product.

2. Improving the conversion rate

Q&A is in an important position on the detail page of the listing so that customers will not ignore the section.

From the computer browser, the Q&A is located between the product description and the review.

From the mobile, it is located between the five-point description and the review, generally, there will be 4 to 5 can be displayed.

Customers will never miss the QA section because this section helps them to better understand the product.

3. Driving traffic to the listing

The seller can insert keywords to the answer, and it can also insert more long-tail keywords. This is a big traffic entrance and supplementary entrance.

Never miss it!

How to optimize the Q&A?

The main problem in the QA section is probably questions and discussion about product features, functions, quality, quality, usage, or packaging. Therefore, the purpose is to dispel all customers’ doubts about products and services and strengthen their confidence to make orders. You can do that via the following tips:

1. Organize keywords and product advantages and disadvantages

First of all, you need to be familiar with product performance and defects. At the same time, you have to check competitors’ Q&A and reviews to sort out keywords.


2. Know the customer’s concerns.

It is recommended that you check the negative reviews in the competitors’ listing. Write all customers’ concerns down, and then put the suitable keyword in your answer.

3. Answer the question honestly

You’d better answer the defect question honestly and indicate you are working hard to improve, and new products will coming soon. Your answer should be professional.

4. Choose the appropriate time

It is the best time for you to optimize Q&A as soon as possible after the new product launched.

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