How To Rank Your Product On The First Page On Amazon?

How To Rank Your Product On The First Page On Amazon?

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What is Amazon product ranking?

Amazon product ranking, also known as Best Sellers Rank, is Amazon’s ranking of all products sold on its website.

A product will have a product ranking for a corresponding category, and it can also have sales rankings for multiple subcategories.

How to calculate Amazon product ranking?

First of all, you need to understand Amazon’s product search algorithm A9. It is just like the Google search algorithm. However, there is a big difference between Amazon search algorithm A9 and Google search algorithm. Google is the most correct answer that matches the search. Amazon is showing the products that searchers are most likely to buy.

There is no off-page SEO for Amazon, it only uses internal factors to determine the ranking of products. And the factors affecting Amazon’s ranking can be divided into three categories.

  • Conversion rate factors, these factors affect conversion rates, including consumer reviews, image quality, and product price.
  • Relevance factors, allow the A9 algorithm to know which search terms are related to your product, these factors include the product title and product description, etc. 
  • Customer satisfaction and retention rate, which includes seller feedback and order defect rate.

23 Amazon Product Ranking Factors

1. Sales

Just check and research the product on Amazon, you will find that sales are one of the most important ranking factors.

2. Consumer review

As we all know, the number and rating of consumer reviews are one of the important ranking factors in the A9 algorithm.

3. Answered questions

Answered questions are listed at the top of the product page and play an important part in conversions.

4. Image size and quality

Amazon has strict regulations on the size and quality of images. For example, certain categories require that at least one of the uploaded images has a pixel of 1000×1000 or larger, otherwise, the product will not be displayed in the search results.

1000×1000 pixels allow Amazon to provide customers with a zoom function, which has a great impact on conversion rates.

5. Price

An important factor that Amazon uses to determine the predicted conversion rate is the product price. Consumers tend to look for the best prices. At the same time, price is also a major condition for competition with Buy Box.

6. Multiple variants

Amazon’s ranking tends to favor products that have multiple perverted options on the listing.

7. Time on page and bounce rate

Amazon will track consumers’ time on page and bounce rate.

Time on page: Amazon believes that time on the page reflects the level of consumer interest in your product. If consumers read the entire product description and carefully review the reviews, the longer it takes, the more likely they are to buy.

Bounce rate: It refers to consumers who click on your page and then jump back to search results or click on other related products.

8.  Product listing completeness

The last indicator that affects the conversion rate is the completeness of the listing. The more complete the Listing, the better the effect. Try to perfect each field when creating a listing, so that your listing has the greatest chance of appearing in search results.

9. Product Title

On Optimizing product titles, you only need to care about the keywords, you can stuff them in 80 characters. It doesn’t matter if you exceed 80 characters, too many keywords are better than too few.

10. Features and bullet points

The description of the key points below the price and products is very important. It is necessary for you to make the keywords are very rich and the functions introduced in the main points are very detailed. Amazon stipulates that products without bullet points are not allowed to appear in the Buy Box.

11. Product description

The product description is an extension of the above functions. As long as the keyword appears once in your product listing, the product can appear in the search ranking results.

12. Brand and manufacturer part number

Pay attention to the brand in the title to attract consumers who search for a specific brand. If consumers use the manufacturing number to search, then add the manufacturing number in your title.

13. Specification

In the specifications, you list the technical and physical information of the product, including size, weight, color and production date, technical specifications, etc.

14. Category and subcategory

Amazon’s search results are displayed by category. Make sure you select the most relevant category for your product.

15. Search term

There are five Search term fields. Each field ignores commas and quotation marks. It is best to enter every word you can think of, without repeated words or synonyms, and without spelling changes, such as sun screen and sunscreen.

16. Source keyword

This is a little trick for Amazon ranking. You can create a query URL of for your product page. You can just add “&keyword=your keyword” to your product URL, and then shorten your link and drive traffic to this link. After that, as long as this link sells a product, Amazon will determine that the visitor has conducted a product search on your target keyword.

17. Negative feedback

Amazon clearly stated that it will not track positive seller feedback, on the contrary, Amazon will track the negative feedback rate. Negative feedback will affect your ranking in search results.

Negative feedback rate is the only known indicator that has an impact on search results.

Amazon found that packaging options are a concern for customers. Even if the customer does not care, it is a way to distinguish your listing from others.

18. Order processing speed

The best way to satisfy consumers is to deliver them quickly and accurately. So if a seller processes orders efficiently and consistently, his ranking will be higher than those with slow and inaccurate delivery.

19. In-stock rate

One of the things consumers hate most is out of stock. So sellers must pay close attention to inventory, which is very important to maintain a high ranking.

20. Order perfection rate (POP)

This is a measure of how many orders have been successfully completed. The higher the POP, the higher your inventory rate, the accurate product listing, and the timely delivery. These are what Amazon wants to provide to consumers. Therefore, the higher the POP, the higher the rankings than the low sellers.

21. Order defect rate (ODR)

Every time a consumer complains about an order, it is a defective order. These factors are likely to cause defective orders, including negative consumer feedback, A-Z Claims, delivery issues, and credit card refunds.

All of the above constitutes your order defect rate, and the best order defect rate is below 1%. In addition, negative feedback from buyers that are removed will not be counted in the ODR, so pay attention to solving the problems of each consumer.

22. Exit Rate

Exit rate refers to consumers who log out of Amazon after viewing your listing. This is your exit rate. If your exit rate is higher than average, Amazon will determine your listing quality is low. Usually the high exit rate is due to low product inventory or incomplete listings.

23. Packaging

Amazon found that packaging options are a concern for customers. Even if the customer does not care, it is a way to distinguish your listing from others.

The best for you to choose is to take use of FBA. Amazon provides Frustration Free Packaging packaging, which uses less materials, but can protect the goods well. The packaging materials can also be recycled.

8 Tips for you to Rank Your Product higher

1. Choose the right category

Different levels of competition in different categories. If our goal is BSR200, but we have 10,000 competitors in the same category, then our initial goal may be a little exceeded. It is difficult to beat higher competitors in the rankings.

So when you do the product research, don’t forget to check the average BSR sales and the sales of the top sellers.

2. Optimize your listing

Once you decide on the product you want to sell, just do the keyword research, check your competitor’s product to know what keyword they are using for their product. And then you can complete your product listing as much as possible and use as many keywords as possible. Of course, don’t forget to optimize your product images.

3. Promote your product

As we have said, more sales will make you rank higher. Hence before launching a product, you have to know how to promote sales of your products.

You can choose to spend money to advertise your products, so that you can get more exposure than your competitors, resulting in more sales and ultimately improving sales rankings.

4. Choose FBA

FBA has the advantages of fast speed, good service, and high efficiency. At the same time, sellers choosing FBA delivery is also conducive to competing shopping carts, which can introduce more traffic to products, thereby increasing product sales and conversion rates, and the ranking of corresponding products will also Will greatly improve.

5. Make your sales more stable

We know, if the sales increase in the short term, the BSR will also increases sharply. However, if you can not maintain the sales, the BSR will tend to decline. Therefore, strive to obtain continuous sales every day, which is the best way to improve product ranking

If in the short term, the seller’s sales increase, then we may find that our BSR also increases sharply. But if we can’t maintain such sales, BSR will then tend to decline, which may affect our keyword relevance. So in general, we do not encourage short-term sales stimulation to increase BSR, unless there are follow-up operational ideas that can reduce the negative impact of doing so.

6. Provide competitive product prices

The product price must have a competitive advantage in order to get a higher ranking. You’d better refer to the prices of competitors’ products. And you can pricing your product slightly lower than other similar products. Once the product ranking has been improved, the price of the product will be increased slightly.

7. Customer review

Try your best to get more review from your customers. You can send a follow-up email asking your customers to kindly write a review. Just pay more attention to provide your customer a good shopping experience with you.

8. More orders

There is one thing we might ignore. More orders is better than more sales. Don’t be confused. Of course, the high total sales volume is very good. I mean, if you sold 30 products a day. 30 products are sold through 30 orders are generally better than there is only one order.


It is not an easy thing for you to improve Amazon’s product ranking. It is a relatively long process. You have to set a realistic goal based on your product situation in order to rank your product on the first page on Amazon.

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