How To Use Amazon Suspension Appeal Escalations?

How To Use Amazon Suspension Appeal Escalations?

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There is some guidance that tells you to contact Amazon’s executives after the account is suspended. Please don’t hurry! It is not the right way for you to send an escalation too soon. In fact, your appeal may be effective only when you propose a practical POA at the right time.

What’s more, if you still use the original POA to file an upgrade appeal, it may decrease your chances of recovering your account.

And you have to know that you may only get one solid chance to appeal to Jeff/ Executive Seller Relations.

What is an escalation?

The escalation enables Amazon sellers to get their Plan of Action (POA) to be reviewed by a higher-level team in amazon’s ecosystem.

An escalation requires two documents: a comprehensive and viable Plan of Action (POA) and an escalation letter that draws attention to each major point that the investigator has missed.

The things you have to know before escalating your apparel

1. Never write Jeff at first

As Chris states, “don’t go straight to Jeff and pester him with daily emails”. In fact, you should escalate within the team that suspended your account first.

2. Don’t send the same POA

We do not recommend you to send the same POA over and over again to different emails. That means you need to implement and submit a viable plan of action before you can escalate.

3. Don’t start the escalation too soon

Don’t escalate your appeal before you’ve properly assessed the viability of your POA. You have to tell them how you’ve addressed and solved in your POA all past problems. And you have to briefly describe why your solutions will work. Otherwise, you will lose the last chance to recover your account.

4. Don’t express your negative emotions

Keep your escalation succinct and on point. It is not the place where you to vent negative emotions.

What is necessary for a successful escalation?

1. Focus on making your POA stronger first

You have to know the most thing is what you’re sending, not where to send it.

You actually need a comprehensive and viable Plan of Action and an escalation letter that draws attention to each salient point included, that the investigator has somehow missed.

Escalations are only worth a shot if your appeal and POA are rock-solid and unimpeachable.

2. Make your request easy to understand

Keep succinct! Don’t write long passages explaining the story from beginning to end. 

As we all know, we can not sure hong long it will take for us to get a reply from the Amazon team. Because it all depends on the number of emails ahead of yours in the queues. In other words, Volumes of emails to Seller Performance are a lot. Facing so many emails, if they sense you’ve drowned them in the text that won’t be worth their time, they’ll discard it and move on.  

3.  Stand out your key actions

Everyone can’t not sure they can do well all things enough. Sometimes Seller Performance investigators occasionally miss important details. Hence you need to call out the main two or three actions that prove your POA is legitimate.

If you already provided all the information that Seller Performance asked for, but weren’t reinstated, perhaps it wasn’t explicit enough.

In this way, in your revised plan, explain that Seller Performance may have failed to appreciate the value of the measures you’ve put in place and detail them again, clearly, for Executive Seller Relations to review.

How do I write an Amazon escalation?

1. Clarify things you have done for problems

You’d better tell them how you’ve addressed and solved in your POA all past problems, and tell them why your solution will work. And please keep being convincing.

And there is no need for you to talk about your great metrics and years of revenue generated. Just focus on the present. You now know exactly what went wrong, and therefore, you’ve already decided what needs to happen to fix what broke.

If your suspension was policy-related, performance has nothing to do with the case. Write up a single sentence that covers both, and leave it at that. Do not devote a full paragraph to describing what a wonderful seller you are. Every time their eyes glaze over and they move on to the next case.

2. Never use the template for escalations

Maybe you have seen a lot of templates for escalations. Throw it away.

It is not the solution to solve the problem. We need to know that the reasons for account suspension are different, and everyone has different solutions to the problem. A template email is not what Amazon wants to see.

3. Use your best writer and communicator

You can’t risk a denied appeal due to something avoidable, like badly composed POA bullets. Don’t send something with poorly written, hard to follow sentence ideas that don’t make sense.

Try to know more about the content required in an Amazon escalation letter, and then write your own letter. If you can not do that by yourself, you can try to find one.


It is really a big problem for Amazon sellers when their account is suspended. I can totally understand you. However, you have to always keep in mind that you should do things in the right way. And before you send an email urgently, please take a moment to think about what you are doing.

Because if you act hastily, your account may be suspended for a longer period of time, or even in the worst case, suspended indefinitely. Therefore, it is very important to calmly and thoroughly check your POA.

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