How to write high conversion rate Amazon product descriptions?

How to write high conversion rate Amazon product descriptions?

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As an Amazon seller, your product description plays a vital role in driving sales. The Amazon product description is a more in-depth description of the product. Generally speaking, the product description should not be a simple introduction but should be a supplement to the bullet points.

Tips on writing your Amazon product descriptions

1. Understand Amazon’s rule

First of all, because we sell on Amazon, the first thing we have to know is to understand Amazon’s policy. Amazon says that the purpose of the product description is to “assist the customer in understanding the product”.

You have to make your product description like:

  • Include only product-related information.
  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Make sure the description matches your product images.

You can’t write the following things in your product description:

  • Item condition
  • Availability information
  • Testimonials or quotes of any kind are not allowed
  • No promotional messages or promoting other products except the product itself.
  • HTML code

You can find the full list of Amazon’s product description rules in Seller Central. Before you create your product description, you’d better check the rules.

2. Know your customer

Secondly, you will benefit from it if you know who buys your product, why they buy it, and how they use it. The more you can find out about this information, you will find it is easier for you to run your Amazon business.

When writing product descriptions, you must have a clear target customer. Understand the needs of potential customers in-depth, and describe them with their unique lifestyle. There is a little trick you can use when you create your product description content. Just use “you” and “your” to address them, and you can even use slang or phrases they might use to make them more conversational and relevant.

You can know your customers by doing market research. The powerful way for you is to research your competitors. You can learn how your competitors are describing their products. Another measure you can take is to get some idea from the exsist product reviews. Analyze the product reviews and discover the uniqueness that can describe your product.

3. Find the right keyword

Next, you must know your product must serve Amazon when it serving customers. Amazon’s A9 algorithm determines the visibility of your product to customers. If customers can’t find your product through search results, the optimized product descriptions are useless.

In this way, you can make a list of the top 10 – 20 trending items in relevant categories. Then using the product monitoring tool to research what keyword they are using in their product title and description. And then merge the related keyword to your product description.

In addition, you can try to use different variations of long-tail keywords. This will  increase your chances of showing up in search results.

4. Easy to read

Generally speaking, customers don’t want to read through a whole paragraph of text. They want all the crucial information, presented in a clear and concise manner.

So that don’t put too many keywords in your product description and don’t make your description full of long and complicated content. You have to make sure your content is easy to read. If you need to describe a lot of information, please pay attention to line breaks. Don’t get a bunch of text together. Because customers scan the content and might miss something important. 

5. Talk about the benefits of the product

As we all know, The introduction of product functions in the product description should be more in-depth and comprehensive. However, how to write is also. You can use the description to highlight product advantages. Make it clear what value the product will bring, what problems or challenges the product can solve, what is interesting, what it provides to customers, and what are the benefits for customers.

 It’s easy to list all of the things that make your product great. When it’s clear to people what they get out of using a product, they get excited about it. And the more excited your description makes them, the more likely they are to buy something.

6. Make your product description more specific

We should not use too many eloquent sentences but few effective information. This is often the case when we find that there are no words or sentences to say. We may simply write “super product quality” or similar expressions.

Claiming that your product is “the best”, “the most advanced” or “verified quality” does not really tell the customer anything of value. Don’t use the superlatives, use statistics, data, and social evidence to prove your point. If your product is really the best or the most advanced, you should be able to support it with conclusive evidence, not just talk.

just like Amazon did when selling the Kindle e-book reader.

First, Amazon claims that this reader is “the most advanced.” Then they provide three pieces of evidence to prove it.

“Patented” will make consumers feel “unique”. After that, there are specific percentages to reflect the high contrast and high resolution of the kindle. And finally, under strong light, there will be no screen reflections that affect reading.

It is reasonable and convincing, so we admit that kindle is true “the most advanced”.

What’s more, you can use your product description to tell a story or show a potential case for customers.

7. Specify product parameters

Under the premise of reasonable typesetting, write the important parameters of the product clearly. For example, the parameters of 3C products can be written in material, size, battery capacity, input and output, service life, charging time, etc. Do not write too complicated, simple, and clear.

For relatively small things, you can use reference objects instead of specific numbers. For example, this power bank is about the same size as a credit card, and so on to convert data that ordinary people don’t understand.

8. Don’t exaggerate your product

Product description must base on your product, you can not exaggerate your product. Yes, you want to make your product better to sell well, however, if customers buy your product and find it is not like your product description. They will feel that they have been cheated, and then they will leave a negative review.

Customers will decide for themselves how good your product is.

And if it is a functional deficiency, you can directly tell the buyers to avoid misunderstandings after the purchase and lead to negative reviews. For example, the mobile power bank is not waterproof, and there is only one color or style now.

Avoid excessive exaggeration of product descriptions, do not declare impossible or false things, describe the product objectively and truthfully.


Pay attention to the consumer’s reading experience and try to figure out their minds from the consumer’s point of view to write good detailed descriptions.

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