Manage Your Experiments: Product images now available for A/B Tests

Manage Your Experiments: Product images now available for A/B Tests

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Recently, Amazon announced a piece of good news. That is the Manage Your Experiments feature now includes A/B testing of product images.

Product images now available for A/B Tests

With Manage Your Experiments, sellers can run A/B experiments on three areas of the detail page, including A+ Content, product titles, and images. In this way, sellers can use the A/B testing function for free to optimize product images, thereby enhancing customer confidence and helping drive purchase decisions.

For sellers, the testing process is relatively easy, and the test results are also easy to understand. Hence sellers can use this feature to make the right choice for product images. In less than five minutes, sellers can create a product image experiment that shares the results every week.

It helps a lot!

Product images have an important impact on a product’s traffic and orders. For most consumers, product images represent the product itself to a large extent, and a set of high-quality product images can be converted into purchase rates. Therefore, sellers must put more attention to how to optimize the product image. With this new feature, sellers can determine whether the image has conversion value faster and more accurately, and make wise decisions or adjustments.

Check here to know how to Optimize Amazon Images.

Which sellers have permission for this feature?

However, Amazon has not clearly pointed out which sellers this feature is open to. But if you are a seller who can use this feature, you might as well try it. You can start an experiment in the Manage Your Experiments tool in Seller Central.

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