Product idea: where to find profitable products?

Product idea: where to find profitable products?

Amazon Product Ideas

Have you found product ideas? It is not an easy thing to start your Amazon business, especially decide what to sell. At the same time, what products to sell is also crucial. You are lucky if you at least have an idea about where your niche market is. However, not all sellers know what to sell. It is really common that many sellers find that the market is saturated or that profit margins are prohibitively high when they analyze a product.

We have compiled a guide to the product idea website to help you find profitable products.

1. Focus on What You Have

Firstly, start with yourself and your life. Do you have ideas for improving the product you use in your life? Or do you want to create some products to help you solve some things in life? Maybe these thoughts once flashed in your mind. Now it is time! Catch these ideas! Then you have to recognize if there are others who have faced the same problem as you. The easiest way is to ask your friends.

If you have not a product idea from your own life, maybe you can think about what industries you are familiar with, it is also a good choice for you to find the product. It will give you more chances to get success if you do what you are good at.

2. Local Community

Sometimes there is no need for you to look for new things. You can get a great product idea from the local community.

Just like the Twitter block Donald Trump’s account. Search for the keywords “Trump” and “Twitter Account” on Amazon, and immediately popped up a variety of products that printed “Trump Twitter account is permanently banned” on T-shirts, in black and white and gray, priced at 16 Ranging from $19.

3. Surveys

Do a survey to know more about your customers. You can craft questions about the problems and challenges they face, which products they love most and why, and what they wish they had to enhance their everyday life.

4. Amazon Best Seller List

If you are looking for what to sell on Amazon, why not start from Amazon itself? There are many very useful features on Amazon, and its Best Seller list should be on the list of products for each private brand seller.

Best Seller List provides a list of the most popular products on Amazon, as well as rankings, sales information, and product details. Users can search based on rankings or categories to quickly understand the products that smart consumers are pursuing in real-time. This is especially useful for Amazon sellers looking for product ideas.

Product idea-Amazon best seller list

5. Amazon New Releases List

Amazon New Release badge is the reward for the best-selling ASIN products in the new version under a certain category. The definition of New releases differs according to each category, mainly based on the time of listing or release.

From the New Releases list, Amazon sellers can find the latest best selling products these days.

Product idea-Amazon New Releases list

6. Amazon Movers and Shakers List

The Movers and Shakers list refer to the brands whose Amazon products have achieved the highest ranking on the sales charts in the past 24 hours. The list is updated every hour, which is a good tool for identifying new trends.

Product idea-Amazon Movers and Shakers list

7. Amazon Most Wished For List

When shopping on Amazon, users can list items they are not ready to buy but are interested in on the wish list. The Most Wished For list lists the products that customers want to buy, which undoubtedly provides a very good source of inspiration for sellers to choose products.

Product idea-Amazon Most Wished For list

8. Amazon Product Reviews

Making use of product reviews can help you to understand customers well and know their needs. Generally speaking, customers will leave their review when they have a terrible experience or extremely good experience. In this case, you can discover what they are complaining about and what they are complimenting. Even in some cases, customers even tell the sellers what should be improved to fix the problem.

If you find the things customers are complaining about the product, why not fix it?  It provides you a great chance to find what you can do better in the product and service. In the same way, you can discover what makes a beyond-expected experience and try to replicate it in your products.

By collecting both good and negative reviews, and making necessary improvements, you will be able to build your competitive advantages and win your market.

Amazon product reviews

9. Competitors

If you have an idea about the industry you want to choose, you can learn from your competitors and popular businesses. Check what they are selling and how customers think about their products, to find the product chance.

Here I recommend you to use product monitoring tool and store monitoring tool to research your competitors. The product monitoring tool lets you spy on products for more market data, such as the buy box price, best sale rank, reviews, amount of sellers, also purchase, keyword ranking, and so on. The store monitoring tool tracks your competitor’s product dynamic, tracking new products, modifies products, and dig out the product strategy.

10. Google Trends

Google Trends allows people to search for the latest trends by country. And you can compare the volume of multiple search terms at a time.

google trends

Google Trends not only provides product information but also provides breaking news from politics, finance, and other fields.

Nevertheless, it is worth a try, because once you get the hang of it, there will be plenty of products and niche ideas to choose from.

11. Social Media

Social media is a powerful resource for you to find product ideas. If there is any trend, it is the first popular social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Youtube Trending is a source of inspiration for Amazon sellers, allowing them to access thousands of new products and services. A huge advantage of YouTube Trending is that it provides a large number of ideas, which can usually be seen in a 2 to 3-minute video clip.

Youtube Trending

Pinterest is also a great tool for those looking for products or niche inspiration. Users can search for various sections and find new and weird products.

12. Social Forum

There are a lot of different forums for different industries. Just like Reddit, Quora, and other industry forums.

Reddit is the largest social media aggregator. On the front page of the internet, you can always find the thousands of “subreddits” which are sub-sections or niches that cater to different topics and areas of interest. Just like these subreddits The Best of Amazon, The Best of Amazon Canada, Weird Stuff on Amazon, Find It On Amazon, and Amazon Under 25.

Quora is a community question-and-answer site. People come to Quora to ask and answer questions. Quora has topics that you can choose to add to your own customized feed. Consider adding some product- or industry-related feeds, as well as anything else inspired by online business.

Quora also shows which topics and questions are trending, as well as a count of the total number of answers.

Depending on the industry you’re targeting, there may be niche forum sites that you can tap into for product ideas to sell.

13. Trend Discovery Sites

There are a lot of websites that provide ways to see new curated product trends daily. These sites can also be a fantastic source for product and internet business ideas. Just like Trend Hunter, it is the place for those looking for cutting-edge and quirky products and niche ideas. Its purpose is “innovation” and “trend hot spot”, to provide valuable ideas and insights for Amazon sellers who want to sell distinctive products.

14. Niche Website

If you have an idea about some niche, you can go to the niche websites. These sites can provide Amazon sellers with another way to gain insights into new product ideas.

Here are a few, examples, Houzz, MapMyFitness, Untappd, Care2, and WAYN.

15. B2B Wholesale Marketplaces

Don’t miss the B2B wholesale marketplaces, you can’t imagine the number of products here. From the huge product database, I think you will get anything.

Just like Alibaba, is one of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world, up there with Amazon and eBay. The platform connects consumers all over the world with wholesalers and manufacturers from Asia. With hundreds of thousands of products, there’s not much you can’t find on Alibaba.

B2B Wholesale Marketplaces

And Oberlo, is a one-stop-shop for Amazon sellers, for those who research specific products or just look for some Amazon FBA product ideas. Users can search for specific products. And the site also includes a large number of useful articles, tips, and guides, suitable for all sellers from beginners to experts.

16. Industry Leaders

Learn from the industry leaders can make you find some great product ideas. If you know the industry or niche you would like to be in, you can use various tools to discover the influencers in the industry.

Generally, these influencers will keep continuous outputting the helpful content. In this way, you may find some new ideas about the product at a certain moment.

17. Crowdfunding Platform

The crowdfunding platform is full of ideas. I think you will not want to ignore it.

Kickstarter is primarily a crowdfunding website that allows people to raise funds for personal projects and charities. It is also a useful tool to help private brands realize product ideas. Kickstarter has many search options, and users can search by category or genre. In addition, its function is very beneficial to Amazon sellers, it has a very convenient “everything section” section, users can browse all current products. In addition to selections and important sources of niche ideas, some Amazon sellers have also established partnerships with Kickstarter fundraisers, granting them exclusive rights to sell fundraiser products.

Crowdfunding Platform

18. Consumer Lifestyle Publications

In the industry, there are consumer-facing publications that can reveal a lot about a market segment and what’s trending. And they will launch the market report. You can put your time into researching these reports to know better the market and know more about your customers.

Hope that can help you!

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