Profit Report Tool is coming

Profit Report Tool is coming

Captain BI Updates

Captain BI are trying our best to better meet customers’ needs, we will launch the new tool- profit report tool in the following days. Now let’s take a look at the features of the new tool.

Profit Report Tool

What are the main features?

1. Stats summed up from all Amazon marketplaces

We support 17 marketplaces, and we can sum up all data for all your connected Amazon account from all marketplace. Don’t worry about your multiple accounts, you can manage and know all the details in one place.

2. Display the proportion of income and cost

The proportion of income and cost is displayed in the most obvious area,  you can always see important information at a glance.

3. See all stats for one product

You can see all the data for some specific product, you can customize the data by parent ASIN, child ASIN or SKU. Hence it is easy for you to know what is disproportionately eating into your profit margins and make critical decisions immediately.

Profit report tool See all stats for one product

4. Pre-defined date periods

Allow you to customize the date range you want to check, at the same time, we provide the pre-defined date periods.

Profit calculator Predefined date periods

5. You can choose your preferred currency

We show the data in default currency, of course, you can choose your preferred currency to see all your data.

6. Customize the profit report as you will

It is impossible to limit everyone’s needs to be consistent. In order to better meet the customers’ needs, we support users to customize the profit report, easy to choose the metrics to focus on.

Customize the profit report as you will

7. Add your other costs

Although we have counted costs as many as possible, we still provide customers with an opportunity to add their additional costs. You don’t need to anywhere else, just manage your all fees in one place.

What fees and costs are accounted for?

No need to looking for other profit tool, Captain BI covers all fees for your Amazon business. breakdown all your costs including order fees, shipping costs, PPC costs, and more, you can know your profitability at a glance!

FEES Sellics CashCowPro ShopkeeperCaptain BI
Manufacturing Costs & Shipping
Amazon Fees
PPC Costs
Refunds and Refund Fees
Sales Tax (VAT, State Tax, etc)
Monthly Storage Fees
Long Term Storage Fees
Inventory Placement Fee
Aggregated Marketplaces View
Miscellaneous Business Expenses
Merchant-Fulfilled Shipping Costs

What Amazon marketplaces are supported?

Captain BI Support 17 marketplaces.

Is there any discount now?

Now we are offering 30 days free trial, why not start now?

More than one profit report tool, here are more than 10 tools for you to supercharge your business, including the keyword research tool, product research tool, sales analysis tool, ads manage tool and FBA manage tool.

Join us now! There will some special discounts for you if you start to subscribe to our plan after your trial ends!

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