Top 10 Amazon Sellers in

Top 10 Amazon Sellers in

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U.S. e-commerce sales accounted for 21.3% of total retail sales in 2020, and Amazon accounted for nearly one-third of the U.S. e-commerce market. In general, 80% of sales come from 20% of sellers. So today let’s take a look at the Top 10 sellers on and check what they have in common? Where is the gap between ourselves and them?

Overview of the top 10 Amazon sellers

NO.SellerLaunched TimeNiche
1Pharmapacks2010Health, beauty and wellness
2Ankerdirect2011Consumer electronics
3EPFamily Direct2015Home and Kitchen, Automotive
4Utopia Deals2011Beddings and Other Home Essentials
5VM Express2005Varied
6Zappos1999Shoes and Clothing
7MetroDecor2015Organizers and Storage
9Decluttr Store2014Refurbished tech and secondhand media items

Details of the top 10 Amazon sellers

1. Pharmapacks

Pharmapacks is the largest seller on If you count all the global Amazon markets, Pharmapacks is the third-largest seller on Amazon.

top 10 Amazon sellers-pharmapacks

Pharmapacks was originally a husband-and-wife pharmacy in the Bronx. Its founders wanted to move the business online, so they raised $750,000 from family and friends and built a warehouse in Queens, New York.

On Amazon, Pharmapacks sells products that are usually found in physical pharmacies. The only thing that changes is the price and the delivery method of the product.

What makes Pharmapacks successful?

In the past 12 months, Pharmapacks has received more than 110,000 reviews, and its product range is very rich, including cosmetics, medical supplies, nutritional supplements, electronic products such as light bulbs or steam irons.

According to CEO Andrew Vagenas, they revise prices every 45 minutes to ensure the best prices for popular products. They can also deliver products quickly and quickly resolve listing issues, which is why they have received a lot of feedback.

2. AnkerDirect

AnkerDirect is a subsidiary of a California-based company (Fantasia Trading LLC). Anker itself is a Chinese company founded in 2011 by former Google engineer Steven Yang.

Steven Yang’s goal is simple: to manufacture reliable 3C accessories at a lower price than most brands.

What makes Anker successful?

  • Dedicated to product development and innovation, with multiple patents, which has become Anker’s core competitiveness.
  • Create multiple brands to cater to different market segments. And, importantly, every brand is known for doing one thing brilliantly.
  • Pay attention to user feedback, Anker can directly show their ideas to consumers. The Nebula Capsule micro projector was born from Indiegogo crowdfunding.
  • Multi-channel sales. Although Anker initially only sold products on Amazon, it now also sells products through its own website and third-party platforms such as eBay and Walmart.

3. EPFamily Direct

There is not much information about EPFamily Direct online. The company mainly sells home and office products and auto parts products of different brands. It owns the brand Simple Houseware, which sells storage and storage products, and it also owns the brand EPAUTO, which sells car storage containers and auto parts.

Although the number of products sold by EPFamily on the Amazon website is not large, the sales of each product of EPFamily Direct are very high.

For example, one of the products, shoe organizer, has more than 53,000 reviews. Another car trash can (a trash can for your car) has more than 28,000 comments.

4. Utopia Deals

Utopia sells more than 1,400 products, covering all walks of life, including hotels, restaurants, and fitness industries. It has operations in 11 countries and 5 continents, focusing on bedding and other household products.

Excellent customer service and affordable daily necessities are the foundation of Utopia Deals.

5. VM Express

VM Express is an Amazon distributor, selling 15 partner brand products on Amazon, and has two DTC e-commerce platforms (Spreetail and VM Innovations).

The company’s strengths are fast, free delivery, and customer service. It strategically puts inventory in 6 warehouses and provides 24/7 customer service to make it stand out from other sellers.

6. Zappos

The founder of Zappos, Nick Swinmurn, saw the market vacancies because he could not find suitable shoes offline, so he created Zappos to sell the shoes he wanted.

Apart from being one of the best platforms for selling shoes, Zappos also do well in customer service and corporate culture. In order to make it easier for customers to choose, Zappos took photos from eight angles for each shoe in stock and promised customers that if the shoes are not suitable, the shipping and return shipping will be free.

7. MetroDecor

MetroDecor is headquartered in Ohio. Founder Bob Immerman has developed a variety of products, but they are often rejected by retailers. For example, among the 20 products, the retailer will only list one product, so he decided to sell the remaining 19 products elsewhere. This is how Amazon’s sales were born.

Bob will be customer-centric when designing new products and always consider consumer needs. He will study sales and people’s reactions to released products.

8. iServe

Before founding iServe in 2013, founder Dave Wright worked in the fields of data analysis and technology. Later, he applied his previous work experience to iServe, allowing its e-commerce brand to flourish in a highly competitive market.

In addition to selling various products on Amazon, iServe also provides services such as SEO strategy, inventory management, MAP compliance, and packaging design to partner brands. The technical foundation allows it to study customer behavior and analyze trends so that it can maintain a leading position with its partner brands.

9. Decluttr Store

Decluttr is a part of musicMagpie, a second-hand trading website and entertainment product retailer headquartered in the United Kingdom. It mainly sells refurbished 3C products and second-hand media products. It provides a platform for people to sell second-hand products.

The seller’s Amazon store has 6,57,607 feedbacks, and 96% of the feedback received in the past 12 months is positive feedback.

10. Juvo+

Juvo+ is headquartered in the United States and has branches in India and China. It has 16 brand products on Amazon, covering 18 categories.

Juvo+ uses DaVinci, an analysis engine based on machine learning, to determine the gap between customer needs and products currently available on the market. After collecting the data, its team will design products based on potential customer needs and market vacancies.

What do Amazon’s top sellers have in common?

After studying the top 10 Amazon sellers in 2020, we found that despite the differences in business models and product categories, these sellers still have similarities.

1. Focus on serving customers better

Amazon wants to be the most customer-centric company in the world, so the platform will reward sellers who embody this quality, from rankings to Amazon’s Choice, Best Seller, and other Amazon budget.

From the top sellers, we can see they are very concerned about user needs and value user feedback. For example, the Nebula Capsule microprojector of Anker was born from Indiegogo crowdfunding.

And nowadays, Amazon announced that a major new program Build It has officially begun.  It will allow consumers to pay in advance to support their favorite products. Once reaching the target amount, Amazon will manufacture and ship them.  It also reflects Amazon always hears from customers.

2. Not treating Amazon as an enemy

Pharmapacks co-founder Andrew Vagenas and MetroDecor founder Bob Immerman both said that to successfully become a third-party seller on Amazon, sellers need to cooperate well with the platform.

Bob said in an interview in 2020: “Amazon is not the enemy at all. Quite the opposite. In the end, I see Amazon as the most effective way to eliminate friction and effectively attract consumers.”

3. Use data to analyze needs and meet user needs

Numbers do not lie, and the best way to determine the next course of action is to analyze them. In terms of product development and pricing, Amazon Top sellers do not only rely on hunches, they will make decisions based on data.

Get the best Amazon analytics tool to help you get a great chance to develop your business now.

4. Diversified brands and multi-channel sales

Multi-channel sales can help sellers attract more consumers, and multi-brands can meet the needs of different market segments. This not only brings sales to sellers but also mentions the ability of sellers to resist risks.

Boost your business now

Have you found the difference between yourself and these top 10 Amazon sellers? Hope it can bring you some ideas on how to develop your business and gain achievements.

Besides, as an Amazon seller service provider, we are always devoted to providing useful resources and strategies for you. If you are looking for the right tool to help you improve your efficiency, we highly recommend you to check the Amazon sellers tool & software list to check the right one for your business.

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