Transparency program, everything you should know

Transparency program, everything you should know

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transparency program

What is transparency program?

Amazon launched the transparency program in 2017, which is aimed to help brand products protect them from counterfeit products. By putting a small label on the product, Amazon Transparency Program can track each product, besides, consumers can scan the anti-counterfeiting code on the product packaging to identify authenticity and get a better shopping experience.

To be brief, the Amazon Transparency Program is a product tracking service that can help sellers protect their brands and protect consumers from counterfeit goods.

Transparency program

The features:

1. The transparency program is currently available at multiple sites in the US/UK/Germany/France/Italy/Spain/Canada/India. Brand owners who have completed Amazon brand registration can join.

2. There is no need to add all the products in the store, just select the products you need.

3. Joining Transparency will not generate additional sales commissions.

4. No matter through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or self-delivery, it can effectively prevent fakes.

Why choose join the transparency program?

1. Protect your brand from counterfeit goods

Amazon has so many SKUs that it’s exceedingly difficult to monitor them for counterfeit products. After joining the Transparency Program, Amazon will verify the code when the product is put into the warehouse, and only the authentic products with the correct label can be put into the warehouse smoothly. If others want to sell the same product, it is necessary for them to provide the code.

Of course, it is not impossible for them to get the code.

2. Build your brand

It is a great chance for you to build your brand. The brand owner can guide customers to know more about the brand. Additionally, it is a great chance for customers to understand the brand’s promotional activities on Amazon.

How does it cost to join the transparency program?

The additional layer of authentication is good, but it does lead to higher manufacturing and fulfillment costs. 

How does the transparency program work?

  1. After enrolling in the Transparency Program, the brand owner purchases unique codes for the products they sell on Amazon.
  2. Essentially, the brand owner will then create barcode labels using the individually unique identifiers and apply those labels on each product. Each item has its own unique label.
  3. The products are then shipped to shoppers. After receiving the product, the buyer can also scan the QR code to verify the authenticity, and even see a series of information such as the brand, manufacturer, origin, attribute, and expiration date of the product.
  4. For FBA sellers, you know, Amazon requires every product sent to the Amazon warehouse to be warehousing. Once the product is found to be fake, Amazon will destroy the goods and remove the buy box.
  5. For sellers who send FBM, Amazon requires that they provide the correct QR code for verification when submitting the listing offer, otherwise they cannot follow-up.

What to prepare for sign up?

In order to join the transparency program, you need to:

  • verify you are the legitimate brand owner of the product. 
  • display a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) such as a UPC code or EAN on your products.
  • have the ability to apply a unique Transparency code on every unit you manufacture.

How to join the transparency program?

1. Firstly, go to Transparency, sign in the program.

2. Secondly, submit the form and then they will contact you.

3. Then, once your request is approved, Amazon will provide you with a code consisting of 26 letters and numbers.

4. lastly you can print the label. As I know, Amazon currently only accepts labels printed by two factories.


Now product quality is really important, and build our own brand is necessary. You can go further and get more with the brand. If there are a lot of fake products for a long time, the quality and brand of the products will leave negative reviews on consumers.

In a word, I recommend you to join the transparency program if you want to protect your listing and build your brand.

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