Video Tutorial- Profit Report Tool

Video Tutorial- Profit Report Tool

Captain BI Updates

Profit Report Tool

Easiest way to understand your profits.

Captain BI Profit Reports integrates all your sales data (revenue and expenses) into easy-to-read charts. Get rid of manual calculation of profits & costs, or any ASINs of any of your accounts.

Manage your entire workflow without a headache. Save time to dig deeper and see the big picture.

Profit & Loss

Know your Profit at a Glance

  • View data of all your connected Amazon seller accounts of any supported marketplaces.
  • Default or local currencies available.

Full Metrics

  • Include all your inputs and fees including Amazon fees, FBA fees, refunds, COGS and promotion costs, and more into your profit reports.
  • Decision-oriented reports.

On-Demand Customization

Reports for Multi-marketplaces

  • Generate profit reports of multiple marketplaces of any supported countries or regions.

Full Customization

  • Customize profit reports, and time periods.
  • Customize Multiple account and marketplaces, currencies.
  • Easy to export and download your reports.

Additional Costs

Auto-Generated Costs

  • Customize your settings, sorting and filters.
  • Include costs into your Profit Reports.

Munually Entered Costs

  • Create your own additional costs.
  • Set up your own costs groups and frequency.

Fulfiilments & Storage

Fulfillment Costs

  • Modify the cost of refunds for fulfillments either by Amazon or by your own.

Storage Costs

  • Modify the FBA storage cost available.

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