What makes a good Amazon listing?

What makes a good Amazon listing?

Amazon Listing Optimization

Optimize listings is the basic thing to increase your sale, maybe you think this is the commonplace topic. Just wait a minute, are you sure you have complete confidence in how to optimize listings?

How about check this article to determine whether your listing has reached the best state?

1. Keyword

keywords of the listing are the most important. Customers and Amazon recognize your products by the keyword.

What keywords your listing contains, what kind of product Amazon will think your products are. For example, some sellers listing has been restricted for sale because there are “Insecticide” in the title of the listing. In this way, the Amazon system mistakenly believed that the product was an “insecticide product”, so it is been restricted for sale.

Pay more attention on keyword research to find profitable keywords.

2. Take well use of all the elements

When you optimize your listing, you’d better take well use of all the elements, for example, make use of Video, QA, A+, and others.

First of all, I have to remind you that it is best not to make changes to the listing after the product has been launched.

Second, about the video. Amazon shows the product video on the two places, one of its places is on the Primary Amazon Product Photos section, another place is above the review.

Amazon product video

Third, let’s talk about QA. As we all know, QA is above the review. Some sellers sometimes ignore the QA, you’d better not do that in this way.

Lastly, about the A+. The listing with A+ makes customers feel professional and trustworthy.

3. Rating

It is best for your listing to keep rating 4.5 and more.

For new products, the first few reviews are very important. However, how to gain a review is a problem. The first thing you can do is to offer some promotions on the deal site, in this way, you can increase the sales and gain reviews. Then when there are about 10 orders, your products will be recommended to the customers’ inbox by the Early Reviewer Program.

Consequently, you have get a great start for your business.

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